Internet Security Tips for Businesses

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The internet is a valuable source of communication and information facilities for many businesses. However, despite all its benefits, there are also dangers which are associated with the internet. The following are some of the main threats to internet security.


Spyware includes pop up ads, key loggers, adware, Trojans and modified cookies. It is designed to expose security flaws and monitor your online interests. As a result, you become vulnerable to information theft. For instance, key loggers are advanced tools that can monitor each key depression. This means that hackers will be able to access your personal information such as email entries, banking information or passwords.

Identity theft

Nowadays, information theft has become increasingly sophisticated. Once hackers get access to your information, they then use it to divert pay checks, make online purchases or create fake documents.

Spam mail

Spam mail usually come with suspicious links which can end up infecting your computer with viruses and introduce spyware.

Phishing mail

Phishing involves the theft of personal details such as names and passwords. Someone sends you an email pretending to be representing your bank, or sites such as PayPal and eBay. When you click on the links provided, you will land on a fake site which closely resembles the real site.

Computer systems are always vulnerable to such threats. Many businesses have experienced major losses as a result of these attacks.

Here are some internet security tips which can protect any kind of business from malicious attacks.

Keep software updated

Though many people have attempted to write ‘safe’ software, the sad reality is that there is none that is 100% bug-free. Hackers are creating new bugs on a daily basis. Therefore, it is vital to have your all your software updated regularly with the most recent versions.

Install a firewall

A firewall can protect your internal business network from other external networks. It can filter potentially hazardous information from entering or leaving your computer network. It is advisable to install perimeter, as well as client-side firewalls

Install antivirus software

Every week, hundreds of new malware programs are being released. This includes different varieties of Trojan horses, viruses, worms and other harmful programs which can compromise the security of your computer system. It is therefore important to have the best antivirus software installed to protect your system from any potential threats.

Protect sensitive information in files and emails

One of the main reasons for financial damage in businesses is loss of proprietary content. Therefore, it is very important to use rights management software programs to protect files and emails which carry sensitive information such as strategic plans, designs, contracts and financial information.

Backup data regularly

To mitigate incidents such as attacks, infections and hard drive failures, every business needs to practice continuous backup of data. This will ensure that you don’t lose your data when such incidents occur.

6 thoughts on “Internet Security Tips for Businesses

  1. Ahh, the semi-dreaded security measures for every business. Some people are a bit reluctant to acquire these preventive measures but they are really putting their businesses and information at a high risk. No one can tell when it’s your time to get hacked, that’s why it pays to have these paid services.

  2. installing firewall and enabling t is the last line of defense you can set from attackers and other sort of intrusion from your system. And also updating your antivirus regularly so that you won’t be having problems of trojans, viruses, malwares and spywares that will install right away without your prior notice. Backing up your files regularly allows your file to be well secured and stored properly.

  3. I agree…better to be safe than sorry. Thanks for sharing.

  4. The internet is full of thieves and vagabonds united by one common goal – to separate you from your hard-earned cash. Here’s our guide to staying one step ahead of the bad guys. Follow our internet security tips to stay safe online and you can shop, surf and socialise online, and sleep soundly afterwards too.

  5. All these tips are very helpful to secure our business. Now a days internet is very necessary for all businesses. It’s very important to secure business. Well all the points must be followed so that we get proper security.

  6. Hey nice tips and out of all mentioned above I think installing a firewall, installing an anti virus and using password authentication for confidential files is very important.

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