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Why Not Be a Friend with Google Penguin?

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Have you ever tried to make friendship with a new algorithm Google Penguin? Google Penguin has taken down many websites and most website owners are depressed with the algorithm, but the thing to be notice is Google is making such changes to make its search engine better.

Here are few points that can help you to build a better relationship with Google Penguin.

Follow Google’s Guidelines

The major reason behind the update was to remove the websites from search results which were linked in unnatural way. If you are engaged in buying and selling of links, you are against guidelines of Google and Penguin would penalize you for the same. Even be careful with affiliate links.

To become a friend of Penguin, built natural links for your website through commenting on similar niche blogs or websites and with guest posting. It is recommended to consider both dofollow and nofollow websites. Use nofollow tag with affiliate links. Also remove any hidden link from web page.

Remove broken links

Check for any broken links in your website. Broken links are meaningless to search engine and an error page for visitors. Its a good practice to remove the entire broken links from your blog or website. If you are a wordpress user, installing Broken Link Checker plugin may fix the problem.

Duplicate Pages

Even Google Panda was against duplicate contents. To check duplicate pages indexed in search engine, copy a piece of line from your post and search it on Google. If it shows more than one pages from same domain, try adding canonical tag. If same post is indexed in more than one domain, contact the owner of other domain to remove that page, if it was originally yours.

Don’t try to spam

Yes, be careful while building links or publishing your contents. Spamming may ban you from Google search. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so don’t try to built 100’s of link in a single day.  You should do it in a natural way. Never act as an internet bots.

Content is King

There are thousands of article on same topic. But Google has only 10 options to show it on fist page, isn’t? So, there should be something spicy and unique in your content to win the war of first page. Do take care of keywords, as keywords help Google to show the results. But don’t overload the page with keywords just to rank in search engine, it may be considered as an act of spamming.

Take Advantages of Webmaster tool

Do visit Google webmaster tool regularly as Google also sends messages regarding critical issues sometime. Checks crawl errors, malwares, links to your site, internal links, HTML improvements to keep your site clean and error free.

These are the points which are officially shared by Google and my personal experience from blogs which are still friendly with Google Penguin. So, there is no harm to have an attempt to make friendship with Penguin. If you are affected by Google Penguin try improving your site with the following tips and submit your site for reconsideration.

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