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What You Need to Know About New Google Glass

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Although Google’s new-fangled glasses are still in the hands of developers, it won’t be long before they are launched onto the mass market for all to see. Though the thought of an omnipresent computer sitting at the end of your nose may seem like the stuff of futuristic science fiction films, Google Glass is very much a reality.


But what can we expect from this revolutionary new technology?


Despite all the technology packed into Google Glass, the frames are incredibly lightweight and fairly unobtrusive. Packed with high-tech features, the headset consists of a camera, a microphone, a touchpad, speakers and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility. The data you wish to view is displayed on a tiny prism screen, which is positioned in the top right corner in such way that it remains as unobtrusive as possible. The actual style and design of the frames is likely to improve as Google is presently searching for eyewear companies to collaborate with. So keep an eye on the share value of eyewear manufacturers and distributors like Luxottica to see which company seals the deal with Google in the future.


Google Glass operates through voice commands and a touchpad. Wearers can search online and take photos and videos by uttering a few simple commands. Otherwise, users can navigate by tapping the touchpad, which is embedded into the arm of the headset and acts as a selector. Though functionality is impressive, the new Google Glass must be connected to the Internet in order to make use of the vast range of Web applications available.


Photography and film

Google Glass allows users to truly live in the moment without being hindered by a camera. At the touch of a button or the uttering of a command, wearers will be able to capture what is right in front of them, completely hands-free. The potential uses of such technology may include real-time tutorials and self-filming for extreme sports fans.


When connected to the Internet, Google Glass wearers can use the Google Hangout app to videoconference friends or colleagues easily without being chained to either their mobiles or computers.


Once connected to the Internet, wearers can use Google Maps to navigate their surroundings hands-free. Not only do directions become more intuitive as a result of them being positioned right in front of your eyes, but also Google Glass allows the possibility of navigating while driving and hiking, among other things.

Translation and transcription

The voice-to-text software incorporated into Google Glass allows real-time translation as well as message and e-mail dictation. This not only will help to speed up work processes, but also come in handy for travelers.

# Live updates

Google Glass can be set to stream live traffic updates, sporting results, flight information and social network notifications in such manner that you can see and read them easily before your eyes.

What does the future hold?

Aside from the many apps that will certainly continue to grow in number once Google Glass has been released, these new high-tech glasses may soon become a must-have accessory as they become available to the masses, so watch this space!

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