Increasing Exposure to Your Blog

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Boosting your blog exposure is important for finding new customers and providing you with more advertising dollars. While it helps to often add new content to your blog, no one will be reading it if you aren’t properly marketing your blog.

Exposure to blog

How can you increase exposure to your blog? Use the following five tips to boost the visibility of your blog.

Tip # 1: Social Media

Writing an article is the first part. The second part is finding a way to promote the article in order for it to reach your target audience. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google + are commonly used to help promote an article, but the overwhelming number of people on these sites may cause you to miss out on gaining the right market exposure. The best way to promote your work is by sharing it with smaller networks. Start with Tumblr and see how many people respond. The great part about Tumblr is that it works well for reaching smaller audiences that you need for niche marketing purposes. When you use social media to promote a blog, always focus on creating a call to action. This is how you can get your target audience interested in what you have to say, and to get them to click back to your blog.

Tip # 2: Pinterest

Create a Pinterest account where you can create different boards. When you create a new blog post, pin it to your contributor board for your target audience to find. For people to be interested in the posts, you need to use interesting images that will encourage a customer to click on them. Then you need to make sure you are using hashtags and keywords to help gain the right visibility.

Tip # 3: Instagram

You should also start using Instagram to help promote your blog. This website allows you to add new images, which are shared with an updating feed of images all over the world. Use a blog image with a post title that is interesting to your customers. If people are interested, they will click on it, increasing the organic traffic to your website. Instagram allows you to share the image with other social media accounts; they are also big promoters of using hashtags.

Tip # 4: Commenting

You can also successfully market your blog by leaving blog comments. You need to interact with other blogs that will bring in the right audience to your blog. Leave a relevant comment on another blog post with a link back to your blog. This will start to drive relevant traffic back to your website while improving your search engine visibility.

Tip # 5: Dubbler

In marketing your blog, its important to remember mobile media. Since many people are using their mobile devices to find companies they are interested in, you need to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. Then, you want to promote your blog with unique apps like Dubbler. This app allows you to create a short video segment, which you can use to target your audience. You can share the video with all the other Dubbler users with a cover image.

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