A Beginner’s Guide to Link building with Social Media

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The success of a website or an online business depends on the number of visitors to the site. When there is a large volume of inbound traffic to your site the chances of online sales are better.


There are numerous traditional link building methods that drive incoming traffic to a site like blogs, business directories, article directories, reciprocal links, etc. But today Social Media (SM) is considered the most effective method.

Social networking – a powerful marketing tool

Surveys show that some social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc. have almost 800 million registered accounts. Of these, almost half of them log on to the sites at least once a day. With statistics like these social networking sites can be very effective tools for marketing your company.

Social networking sites market your organization at two levels:

  • When a user navigates from the Social Media site to your website,
  • By sharing the information with friends (thus providing feedback).

Every time a person clicks on your company’s link on the social site, a potential customer is being lured in to transact an online purchase. Sharing has an escalating effect with more and more readers learning about your company’s existence.

YouTube link building is another very strong tool you can use to optimize your website. Create an aesthetically crafted video about your company and the goods/services you are offering. Upload the video on YouTube. In the description below the video provide a link to your website.

How to make your SM links more effective

Making your link building strategy more targeted will produce greater results. For example, if you are dealing in apparel and fashion, a link on Facebook with a catchy tag line and an interesting icon will compel more people to click on the link. It is more effective than publishing an article with a link to your site. If your company is dealing in B2B solutions, wouldn’t a link on your LinkedIn profile be the most productive one? Therefore, knowing the demographics of your usual customers is very essential for the exercise to be worthwhile.

Projecting the right image of your company and building an online credibility is very important if your link building has to work towards more online traffic and sales. You can do this optimally only if the tag line or image of your link creates the most accurate impression of your company. It must be attractive, informative and must generate curiosity about your products and services, thus compelling the viewer to click on the link.

The more you say about “quality content” the less it seems. The emphasis on content is not overrated. Irrespective of the product or service your company is dealing in, there are some basic ground rules for content:

  • The content of the link and your site must describe the products and services most appropriate for SEO optimization,
  • The link tag must not be misleading,
  • The link information must be unique,
  • It must offer something worthwhile,
  • The accompanying image or icon must not be in variance with the company products.

Always keep your information concise without omitting any key information. Flowery language is not what people are looking for. They are looking for words that will describe the product. How effective the words are will be the bridge between indecision and decision to purchase so being precise will work in your favor.

Also, never be unrealistic in your claims just to attract more visitors or this may prove counter-productive. You definitely don’t want the viewer to read about the product but buy from your competitors because your link tag sounds like a scam. All the best in your venture!

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