Review- DVDFab DVD Copy

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Overview of DVD Copy software

The highs

  • Superb quality cloning
  • Excellent copy speed
  • User friendly interface
  • Good range of copy modes

The lows

  • Unavailability of Ripping feature
  • A bit colour distortion when visualising on large HD televisions

Final say


With DVDFab DVD Copy software you are guaranteed to get high quality and excellent DVD Copying results in no time. But if you are looking something more than just Copying DVD then you might have to look for other alternatives.

Here’s an in-depth review of DVDFab DVD copy software

DVDFab is undoubtedly the best solution for all DVD problems; right from DVD Copy to DVD Converter, DVDFab has given best to its customers. Well let’s take a look at what DVDFab has to offer with its DVD Copy software.

Easy installing procedure

Installing the DVD Copy software is no brainer. Just few simple steps followed by rebooting your system and get the things started.

For advanced users, who would love to get more out of DVD Copy software, DVDFab provides advanced control option like Codec selection, Burning engine and write speed. You can even access log files for better handling of any issues.

Different Copy modes in DVD copy

The software provides its user with 8 DVD copy modes.


  • Full Disc Copy – This mode allows the user to copy entire DVD.
  • Main Movie – With this mode, the software only copies the longest title on the disc.
  • Split – It copies a DVD-9 across to two DVD-5 discs with some quality loss.
  • Clone – With Clone mode, DVD Copy provides 1:1 bit-to-bit copy which creates an exact copy of the source disc.
  • Customize – In case if you want to change the default audio, remove some content from the disc or even change the order of titles of disc, you can easily do such things with Customize mode.
  • Customize and Split – As the name suggests, it is a combination of Customize and Split mode. With this mode you can easily split your custom content over two different DVD-5 discs.
  • Merge – DVD Copy eases your burden of compiling different titles from various sources with its Merge mode.
  • Write data – This mode burns the content from your hard drive like an existing DVD folder or ISO image file to a new disc. There are varieties of setting available so that you can easily control what is being copied.

A simple and user friendly interface

One of the feature that is very common to all the DVDFab software products is the simple yet powerful user interface.

DVD Copy is very well designed and provides you maximum control over the software. You will find Copy mode selection on the left of your software screen and Source and Target are available on the top.

To avoid any errors, the software even allows you to view the selected content in a different preview screen which pops out from bottom left of the screen.

High speed and good quality

The company claims to copy DVD in as low as 10 minute and that’s undoubtedly a lot faster than other DVD Copying software available in the market.

The quality was overall good with 1:1 clones and DVD-9 to DVD-9 copies.

Customer support

The Online tutorials are always there to help you in case of any difficulty. Online tutorials can be accessed by clicking on question mark at the top right of DVD Copy software screen. However, you may find some difficulty in getting the right tutorial for your problem as the software scans whole DVDFab suite.

FAQ and email support are always there to help.

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