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How to Get Ringtones

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A ringtone is the sound that the phone makes whenever the phone is ringing. Landlines normally have a default ringtone. Cell phones on the other hand, are more sophisticated and technologically advanced. They have more ringtones and options to customize ringtones to suit your preferences. Ringtones have evolved from basic sounds, to polyphonic tones and now to Mp3 music. Different phones have different features.

Modern phones are now equipped with tons of features and options to personalize to suit one’s tastes. Some phones even allow users to associate different ringtones for different callers that are listed in the phone’s contacts. As a result of this new craze for ringtones, people are constantly seeking ways of finding ringtones for their phones. There are many ways a person can get ringtones for their phones.

Here are some ways of Obtaining Ringtones:

Purchase Ringtones from your Cell Phone Service Provider

Cell phone service providers usually sell ringtones to their customers. They usually have a system in place whereby the customer can call and select the particular ringtone they need and the service provider sends the ringtone directly to the customer’s phone. Other methods include texting in specific numbers that represent specific ringtones to the service provider, who will send the ringtone to the phone. The ringtone is usually paid for by deducting call credit from the customer’s phone. Different companies have different services so it is wise to check with your service provider for their particular ringtone services.

Transfer Music or Sounds from a Computer to Phone

If your phone has USB connection and the relevant cable, you can transfer music files from a computer to your phone. Open your music files on your computer and select the file you wish to send. Highlight and copy the file then paste it into the music folder on your phone.

Transfer via Bluetooth

Phones that have Bluetooth connection can easily receive ringtones from other phones that has Bluetooth connection. To do this, turn on your Bluetooth connection and do the same for the phone sending the file. Search for devices with the phone that will send the ringtone and connect to the receiving phone when it has been detected. Select the file to send and select “Send” via Bluetooth. Select “Accept” on your phone when prompted to do so.

Download from Websites

There are many websites that provide ringtones free of cost. One such website is waptrick.com. If your phone has browsing capabilities, enter the URL waptrick.com and go to the website. Here you will be able to search and download ringtones. To download a ringtone of your choice, click on it and click “Download”. You will be prompted to indicate where the ringtone should be saved. Select a folder on your phone and download. Once downloaded, set as ringtone.

Compose Ringtone

Some phones come with a feature where you can compose your own tone and set it as ringtone.

Tips and Warnings

When downloading from websites, make sure they are legal so you do not infringe on copyright.

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