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The Best Four Tips for the Internet Industry: Making the Most of VoIP

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Savvy web companies are constantly in search of ways to cut costs, improve service, and increase employee productivity. Switching to a VoIP provider is one simple way in which an Internet business can reap cost saving benefits and simultaneously enhance business productivity.


VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology that allows you to send and receive calls over the Internet rather than a traditional phone line. The voice data travels over the Internet as binary, which is a more affordable and efficient way of sending data.

The Internet has already taken over the business world. Consider just how much a business relies on its SEO and social media teams, and in turn how much those teams rely on the Internet. With so much of a business’s productivity dependent on the Internet, it’s not hard to see why an Internet-based phone service is the next logical step.

VoIP Review has outlined the top four ways that VoIP service could benefit and transform your SEO company, while at the same time lowering your monthly bills.

Video Conferencing

Several business VoIP providers like 8×8 and Jive offer video conferencing. This high-tech service allows you to talk “face to face” through a video camera, microphone, and screen. It provides a way for people in multiple locations to meet in real time in a virtual space.

As it is web companies employ blog writers across the country, and web designers from around the world. Because the product is entirely online, and work is done entirely online, there’s no need for employees to be physically near each other most of the time. However, sometimes you just can’t get everything done through email or a phone call. This is where IP conference calling can come in handy.

If you are located in New York and your web developer is located in the English countryside, it’s a huge, not to mention expensive upheaval for the developer to travel to New York City to take part in your weekly meetings. With video conferencing, your remote employees can take part in your weekly meetings over the Internet without jumping on an airplane and losing valuable work time.

Because users don’t need to be in the same physical location, video conferencing closes the geographic gap between employees in remote locations, and provides a more cohesive work environment for your employees. It also simplifies the interview process. If you want to interview a web designer in France in the morning, and another web designer in New York later that day, you can conduct all of your interview through video conferencing solutions.This service also makes it easy to conduct follow-up interviews or interviews with several employers at different times.

Using video conferencing is more effective than a regular phone interview because employers can get a better idea of the candidate’s professionalism and the ways in which the candidate presents him or herself. The VoIP video conferencing option is therefore not only a money saving option for hiring employees, but also a time saver as it acts as a first round of screening.

International and Long Distance Calling

Just as video conferencing offers a cheaper and more reasonable option for keeping in contact with remote employees, the low international and long distance calling rates associated with VoIP improve your SEO business’s ability to do business with associates all over the world.

Because VoIP calling is so easy, you can call anyone anywhere in the world over an IP connection with minimal hassle and expense. Again, if your SEO company includes remote employees, low calling rates between the US and international locations means an increase in more affordable communication.

This feature can also be beneficial if your company is looking to purchase an international web site from a foreign company. Sure, email and IM are great, but they are not effective means of conducting business deals. The process of discussing quotes and negotiating prices may take more than one or two long distance phone calls to China. You don’t want to worry about rushing or cutting the calls short because you’re concerned about racking up a hefty bill.

The money your company can save with VoIP is evident when you compare AT&T’s international dial pay-per-use prices to a VoIP provider’s rates. With AT&T, calls to a landline in China cost $3.49/minute, while calls to China with VoIP provider VOIPo cost just $0.02/minute. Even with AT&T’s international World Connect plan, those calls to landlines in China would still cost you a whopping $0.15/minute.

Virtual Extensions

Virtual extensions connect your business phone number to your mobile phone. This feature allows you to send or receive business phone calls from your cellphone, at any time from any place.

With a virtual extension you don’t need to be within arm’s reach of your office phone because your cell phone takes the place of your business phone, opening up a world of mobility. Perhaps you’re researching a blog topic out in the field, traveling on business with a layover at the airport, or maybe even relaxing poolside on vacation. In all of these situations you could continue to conduct business as your business calls automatically go to your cell phone.

Many people already use their cell phones for work purposes without getting a virtual extension, but what if you are a blog writer covering a story and someone is trying to reach you through the company directory? With a virtual extension, callers can still reach your extension through an office directory.

Find Me Follow Me

The Find Me Follow Me feature of VoIP services gives you the opportunity to receive business calls 24/7 regardless of your location, even if you don’t have a virtual extension.

Find Me Follow Me enables you to receive calls from your business line at any given location as long as you have access to a phone. When you receive a call on your business line, you can program the feature to forward the call to the other number(s) you’ve programmed in. This means when your business number is dialed, your office phone, home phone, and cell phone could ring simultaneously or sequentially, lowering the likelihood of a missed call.

The Find Me Follow Me option may improve your business as it gives your customers and clients the impression of around-the-clock service and availability. And if you don’t feel like paying an extra fee for a virtual extension, all you have to do is remember to program the Find Me Follow Me feature on your business phone before you leave the office.

VoIP can be a huge game-changer for SEO and web-based companies. As the world of business becomes constantly more technological and Internet-driven, a VoIP service can make all the difference in your web company’s performance and productivity.

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