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Some Best Practices in Managing Local PPC Marketing

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An experienced PPC marketing company will know there are nuances when it comes to managing a wide-scale pay per click initiative versus a local one. As one of the more relatively cost-efficient forms of online marketing which can produce results faster, it is certainly a viable option for small businesses to invest in.

There can be a misconception that since the business is small, its managing its PPC campaign would be like child’s play especially for a professional SEO company. Managing local PPC accounts has its own intricacies which can spell the difference between real, tangible ROI and wasted advertising money?

What is a Local Account?

Basically, a local account is a pay per click effort targeting a small location. This can pertain to family businesses, a township enterprise, a neighborhood service provider, etc. Sometimes, the market is so specific that it may seem impossible to reconcile such limited target to the wide coverage of search engine searches. However, with a few strategies, an SEO agency can prove otherwise.

Search Term Match

Usually, a business would bid for keywords that are exact matches for the relevant search terms. If you sell red velvet cupcakes, you would want to bid of the exact search term “red velvet cupcakes”.

The issue with this approach when it comes to local PPC accounts is that having exact keyword match may return a low volume of traffic or CTR that it won’t make sense spending for such marketing anymore. A PPC marketing company should be able to recommend opting for a modified broad match than a 100% match. While it somewhat diminishes your control over relevant search terms, it will bring you volume and a wider opportunity to capture your target market.

How to Craft Ads

Ad extensions – two in particular – are crucial when it comes to geo-targeted PPC campaigns:

1. Local extensions

2. Call extensions

Local extensions are vital for local businesses wherein people need to go to them to purchase a product or avail of a service. These extensions (i.e. address, Google map) will enable potential customers to find a business address easily. On the other hand, call extensions are needed for local enterprise which offers home services or delivery. Ultimately, the goal is to get your contact number disseminated to facilitate smooth appointment setting, etc.

Mobile is Key to Success

Local accounts may be quick to dismiss the need for a mobile version of their sites. This is an entrepreneurial suicide. Internet enabled phones have created a consumer behavior wherein people search for brands or stores that is nearest to their present location at a given time. This is especially true for spontaneous cravings or emergency cases. Having a mobile version of your site can open the door to a number of potential sales transactions. If you have the budget, you can hire a search engine marketing firm to professionally do this for you.

Measuring Your PPC Campaign’s Success

Google Analytics is a great tool to measure the success of a PPC campaign especially that small businesses are usually not too technically adept and it takes a while before they understand the benefits and the ins and outs of SEO.

One thing a Search engine optimization agency should give it mind is that you have to empower a small venture to religiously follow up on a lead to increase conversion. Often, leads are generated but nothing proactive is happening to reach out to these potential customers. A user-friendly CRM system that updates the business owner once a lead is generated is a viable way to ensure timely follow up with leads.

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  1. Another great feature about local PPC is that you can predetermine the time frame during which your ads will appear. In this case, of course, you would want the ad to show only when your store is open and someone is available to take calls.

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