How to Blog about Anything

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Professional writers these days tend to take on all sorts of work to earn enough money to keep their lives comfortable. One source of income that many writers – especially online writers – tap into is writing blog posts for some businesses. On the surface, it sounds like a perfectly good arrangement. Some companies do not have people who can write for their blogs on a regular basis and are willing to pay independent (and experienced) writers to do it for them. Why shouldn’t you do it, if you’re an awesome writer?


But then you see what the business actually sells and realize you know nothing about the product, the business, and the market that supports it. How are you supposed to write an effective blog post for this company then?

First, take a deep breath. Then remind yourself that you can blog about anything as long as you do the following:

Do your preliminary research

Assuming that you’ve already spoken to the client, then you probably already have a good idea of what topics they want to focus on and what tone they want to convey in their blog. You’ve probably also noticed the kind of vocabulary they use when they speak with you – if not, you can always call their office after-hours and listen to their auto attendant and voicemail greetings for ideas.

Once you’ve gotten a solid idea of the style of writing they expect from you and the topics that you need to tackle, then you can start researching articles, blog posts, forums, and the like that discuss those subject matters (and other related themes). These not only give you a better picture of what’s going on in the industry; they also help you find different ways of approaching the articles that your client needs you to write. You can also take this opportunity to delve into the company’s reputation and find new and better ways to help promote its products and services through the blog – as a nice gesture.

Ask yourself the right questions

If you’re lucky – and this is often the case – your employer will give you some leeway with regards to exploring the topics they want you to write about, provided that you use their recommended keywords. In situations like this, you can try to find ways of making the subject matter more interesting and appealing to you. You can best do this by asking questions about the product or service that makes you perk up your ears and listen.

For example, if you need to create content for a portable toilet company, you may want to ask yourself what situations would make a portable toilet. Alternatively, you can ask yourself if a portable toilet can have uses outside its primary function. Start with the What, Why, Who, Where, and How questions, then slowly expand upon them. Sooner or later, you’re bound to find an approach to the blog article that gets you excited. And believe us when we say that excitement can be very contagious – your passion for the subject matter can pique the interest of readers, which will be good for your client.

You can blog about anything, if you put some time and effort into it. Just remember that you shouldn’t expect yourself to be an expert on the topic from the get-go – all you need to be, is interested.

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