Importance Of Website Design So As To Make It Application Friendly

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A majority of all businesses is neglecting the aspect relating to usability. However, it needs to be understood that usability is a critical aspect that must not be overlooked at any cost. It is only by means of attaching importance to good usability that the performance of your website can be increased. One of the key aspects that relate to usability is navigation.


The navigation must be such that it becomes possible for users to find the same without the minimum effort on your part.

Navigation Mistakes To Consider

Studies have found out that a complex navigation scheme does not help users to stick around. Thus, if you want to ensure that your potential customers do not lose out, it is important to develop a user-friendly menu structure. This is an important aspect taken care by a web design company. It is important to stay informed about a few of the navigation mistakes as highlighted below:

  • No Search Box: Your website must feature a search box so as to help all users to be able to find as to what they need. It is important to understand that a website that has no search box is not navigable.
  • Odd Acronyms: It is crucial to stay away from the use of acronyms and abbreviations. Using them is fine only if the meaning seems to be obvious.
  • Complex Navigation: The navigation of the website must be such that there is no real need to hunt along through the website. It is important to ensure that the menu bars are visible, and it is possible to determine the purpose, as well.

Any good web design company attaches importance to the aspect of maintaining proper loading time. This can be achieved only by means of making website design application friendly. Often it is found that a website is spiced up with multi-media, video and flash do not have a fast loading time. In this respect, it must be understood that a slow-loading video will do minimum benefits as far as drawing a good number of readers remain in question. It has also been found that making use of excessive widgets, social media and website plugins can hold an impact on the website speed. Hence, it is important make limited use of the same.

Create Innovative Navigation Systems

With the advent of JavaScript libraries similar to that of Ajax and Motools, it has been able to open numerous possibilities so as to be able to create innovative navigation systems. The aspects that need to be taken into account can be enumerated within a few points as highlighted below:

  • Good Internal Linking
  • Perfect Search Feature
  • Informative Footer/Header
  • Custom 404 Page

Web design need to be application friendly so as to be able to benefit from good error handling capability. It is only by means of encouraging description on on-screen messages that it will be possible to ensure desired degree of usability. The overall degree of usability is improved to the desired extent by means of displaying the right kind of error message.

Usable Forms

In modern business websites, forms are considered to be an important element of all types of business websites. It is only by means of designing good forms that it is possible to improve the interactivity of users with website. It is no surprise that a good web design company always prefers to develop forms that can help in generating leads. Also, website design needs to be made application friendly for a few of the under mentioned points as follows:

  • Well Planner Information Architecture
  • Browser Consistency
  • Valid And Clean Code

Lastly, web design that is application friendly is crucial to Ecommerce and can minimize quality assurance requirements.

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  1. A perfectly designed website is very important for every business but designers and webmaster should keep in mind that don’t ignore its friendly usage mood and sear engine friendly mood because if your website is well designed but not user-friendly then you can’t get benefits of your design. Therefore you should be careful about it and hire some professionals to design your website perfectly.

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