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A webmaster bought a field for seven months.  He put a website to work in this area.  And, after seven months, the website was not indexed in Google.  As the field has a history prior to purchase, the webmaster Matt Cutts asked if that history can affect the confidence that Google has in the field and be the cause of non-indexing of the website.


Let’s see and hear the response from Matt Cutts, and then the video, look at this issue in detail.

Benefits Of Buying A Used Domain

What makes a webmaster, a company or an entrepreneur to buy an area already used instead of registering a new domain? What are the advantages of purchasing a used domain?

  • SEO :  A new area has a past with Google.  The same can not be used with a domain that has a profile of backlinks, a certain confidence (trust domain) and authority (domain authority) with Google. This recognition may mean Google traffic, good positioning in Google organic results for the new website, within a time much less than the time it would take to build the same profile of backlinks, confidence and authority with Google in the case of a new domain. Therefore, a domain used may represent a shortcut on the path to success.
  • Marketing :Also it may be a domain with relevant keywords in the domain name for the business of the buyer. And nobody can deny the importance of this to the website to get a placement in the first positions of Google to search these keywords. Still an SEO advantage.  But perhaps more important, a keyword is searched a very popular keyword on a given market. And if the domain name is the key word, ever thought about the advantage to the buyer that the ease in memorizing the field represent? Search Who “toys” overlooks a field as Furthermore, a significant advantage in conversion rate . Who searches toys, will feel an immediate identification with the domain And that means identifying that person will begin to view their website with an emotion and a positive expectation. In the war of conversions, the owner of the domain part in front.

Domain History With Negative

If you buy a domain penalized by Google because the seller used the domain used for SPAM or Black Hat SEO techniques, you can have the consolation that you were not the first purchaser, nor the last to be mistaken for a spammer.  But that comfort does not guarantee the repayment of money and time you lost.

There are spammers who sell domains penalized by Google.  They are the people who violates social conventions and ethical.  So do not cause any surprise that, in addition to filling the search engines and the mailboxes of trash, try to sell the damaged areas webmasters innocent and inexperienced.  The good news is that if you’re wrong, gain experience … Learn … But, you want to receive this good news?

Saw the video of Matt Cutts? He responded to the buyer not to worry, that is not a problem, there is a solution? No.

The idea of asking for a reconsideration of the domain in Webmaster Tools is not a solution to the case. If it were a solution, Matt Cutts would have spoken in the video about this possibility. Have you ever imagined a corpse buried in the cemetery several days ago to resurrect? Perhaps there is a strange story, fantastic and inexplicable about the deceased was alive after all that. But one miracle is not the rule.  It is a rare exception.

Matt Cutts has said that if an area banned or penalized by Google too, it is preferable to start from scratch and register a new domain to submit the request for reconsideration.

Buy A Domain Could Be Used Black Hat

If you buy a domain used for all the reasons indicated earlier, you can put a new website that area and create a valuable property, building on the foundations of the previous history of this area and adding value. In such a situation, you win, Google wins and who search on Google also won. No problem with this approach.

If you buy a domain used because they also valued the website associated with that domain, you can adapt this website to your ideas. It is a legitimate business that does not raise any issues of spam with Google.

If you buy the business of a competitor and / or its website and then point that domain through a 301 redirect to your own website, adding confidence and authority of this domain to your own domain, will not play any alarm Team Anti-Spam Google.

But if you buy several or many fields used to redirect them with a 301 for your domain to benefit from these domains backlinks, Google will treat these links to redirects purchased.  And it can penalize your website. For those who enjoy taking risks, the secret of business is to find the boiling point of Google. If you redirect a domain, you will have problems?No. And if redirect 5? And if 100 redirect domains?

Tips For Buying A Used Domain

  • Meet the age of the domain on DomainTools and history records and transfers. If a site member, you will have access to more information that may be important to confirm information provided by the seller.  A story transparent and owners with a good reputation is a positive indicator in the evaluation of a field.
  • Discover what websites were associated with the domain in .  Fill in the waybackmachine with the domain and click Take Me Back. This is a journey into the past, with the presentation of various historical versions of websites that inhabited the area. This historic visit is important to know if the domain has been used in markets that may have doomed the reputation of the domain with Google: online gambling, drugs and pharmaceuticals (the illicit sale) and other similar neighborhoods. It also allows to anticipate the profile of backlinks the domain.
  • But anticipation is not enough.  Go to Yahoo and search the area with the link: operator

and carefully analyze the backlinks pointing to your domain.

  • Learn also the pages indexed in Google’s domain. Search on with site: operator 

    If no indexed pages in an area that has an associated website and backlinks, the probability domain have been penalized by Google is high.

  • It is possible to estimate the popularity of and traffic to their site Alexa .
  • Look for the field in Directories Dmoz and Yahoo .  The backlinks of these directories are important in terms of SEO. Therefore, the value field. But they are also signs that the website associated with the field quality was, as the editorial criteria for admission to these directories of websites do not allow the inclusion of SPAM.

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  1. When it comes about buying a domain name you should check out its past. was bought by Rahul few years back but this domain was used to host porn content in 2004-2005.

  2. Goof tips. I’ve been thinking about this. Maybe used domain cost more money =)

  3. a very intresting article ..,And I think the owner of a domain name would sell an existing domain name with good history at a very high premium out of reach of most of the buyers… and if its not pricey, it may be havin a negative history as well

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