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Are Your SEO Efforts Working For You?

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The aim of every seo professional is to rank high on search engine results page for their targeted keywords. To achieve this some do seo of their website themselves, some spend bucks in hiring professional seo company to do for them.

But have you analyzed all your seo efforts? Are they going in right direction? Are you achieving the results in desired time and budget? Below are few points which should considered, when you starting an SEO campaign for your website:

Unreal Expectations:

If there are 100 seo companies out there than 99 of them guarantees you to provide number 1 ranking on search engine in short period of time – like 3 to 5 months, irrespective of the competition of your keywords. In some cases this is attainable. But it’s not only reaching on top one has to sustain their ranking also. Some firms just getting money from you promise you but fail to deliver later.

So it is important that before starting any process you should be clear about the realistic and approachable goals of it like improving website traffic, increasing ranking in search engines.

Competition Related to Keywords and Your targeted Niche:

There are many industry and niches which are very competitive as compare to other. Like if you are in tourism industry then keywords like hotels in USA will be difficult to target and achieve results or top ranking in Google.

Do some research and chalk down your expertise, your business USP i.e. unique selling preposition. Find keywords relating to it, like luxury hotels in USA are more focused and targeted and can work well for you.

So, to get desired and achievable results, it is vital to target keywords that are precise for your business.

Focus on Your Competitors:

If you are working to be on top of Google than whole lot of other businesses are also competing for that. So to know what your competitors are doing, competition analysis is important. But in doing that people overdo thinking about their competitors and forget to offer “Value” to their visitors.

So gather some fundamental data and provide something better than your competitor to your customers. Show them how you and your company can fulfill their expectations better than others.

Gap in Communication:

It’s true that communication gap is responsible for many business failures. So it is very important to clear communication between two parties i.e. client (a website) and the seo company.

Many a times, it happens that the client is not able to communicate the idea or the results he want to achieve through seo process he is getting done on his website. Hence the lack of communication can cause failure of your seo efforts. So keep regular follow ups between seo company doing seo for your website.

Hope following these points will help you in avoiding SEO mistakes and you will probably achieve the desired results from your seo campaign.

6 thoughts on “Are Your SEO Efforts Working For You?

  1. Choosing right keywords for your SEO campaign is really essential. If you’re targeting wrong keywords then you’re only wasting your time and efforts so it’s important to take time for deciding your best keywords according to your services and products.

  2. I agree with your comment Rancor, Keywords play a major rolls in the SEO process. At the moment our company has a few SEO campaigns running and they make a huge difference. keywords and keyword phrases are the key.

  3. This is why keyword research is important. When doing the research you are able to target the best keywords, that have low competition and are easy to rank.

  4. Without proper keyword research you are just basically wasting your time and effort. I absolutely love the Google Keyword Tool for this. It’s free and effective. Just research the exact results for a generic keyword in your niche and look for low competition keywords with many monthly searches, low competition value and relatively high CPC. Simple as that.

  5. keyword search is the most important thing in the whole SEO process, but do not forget that the long tail method may be much more effective and lead to more traffic than one single hard key.

  6. Agree all of your ideas. It takes a lot of times and patience to achieve succeed in SEO. But there are quite so many clients stop hiring their SEO company just because they don’t see the results they’ve wanted after almost 2 months.

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