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Keep Up With Google And Shifting Sands Of Search Engines

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The constant changes to Google’s Algorithm can drive us all round the bend. Funny thing is, these changes are becoming so frequent that you’ll barely have time to figure one out before the next one hits.

Sometimes this pressure gets to use all and there isn’t a great deal we can do about it except learn and develop our tactics as Google does. It may annoy some but we cannot deny the fact that Google has made the web a better place for us all. So whether you’re a striving entrepreneur testing the waters of the World Wide Web for purpose of expanding your business or a web developer who wishes to stay informed about the latest on what Google is up to, the following tips benefit you.

  • Read Google Webmaster Blog.

Google Webmaster blog contains all the important updates on the tools Google provides to optimize your site and critical changes made to their search technology. With a weekly update it’s wise to keep abreast of what they are up to.

  • Read Industry Standard Blogs or Watch Videos of SEO Gurus.

Matt Cutts, the search engine optimization honcho at Google Search Quality group, provides regular updates on his website along with videos that answers questions posted by his followers. You can learn what’s hot and what’s not in Google, along with tips on how to make your site appear higher in search engine results by merely reading and applying the tips written on his blog. Other industry standard blogs such as Search Engine Journal and Web Pro News are two of the best blogs where you can get daily updates on technology and Google-related news.

  • Follow Web Marketing Experts on Social Networking or Microblogging Sites.

Put a list of personalities or companies that are known to post or tweet news about Google and web marketing on a regular basis on Facebook or Twitter. Oftentimes, their tweets or status message includes links to posts that dive into the topic in greater detail.
The amount of information floating around on the web is limitless. Although you don’t have to know it all, taking just a couple of minutes each day to scan through your RSS feeds or newsletters can help keep you on top of any updates and how they are effecting others.

Remember that to succeed in the web marketing industry, patience and intelligence are needed. Only follow those that have a long and reliable track record of creating thoughtful articles also look for sites that you can actively participate in, sites that will help answer the questions you are asking. Since we cannot learn everything in a heartbeat, participating in a community of people sharing the same passion as you do will also prove to be a great help.


Keeping up with Google’s search engine algorithm is both a fulfilling and tedious task. The web never stops evolving so you’d better be prepared. Keep yourself posted on the latest developments and be proactive if you think something is going to hurt your rankings then do something about it.

While the above are not clear-cut rules to guarantee your success on the net, they will definitely play a part in how well your sites preform now and in the future.

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  1. I really liked the image of this article. Well done. And I call google trends as “Google dance” and really determines our blog traffic and future. Thanks for your tips on how to remain updated with Google search trends. Nice work.

  2. Great post! Keep up the good work mate!

  3. Nice Post…really keeping up with Google Algorithms is a tedious task…I am facing these daily…sometimes i will be on top and in just a slight of day i m lost….

    1. so, you should be updated with Google Algorithms from above points…. thanks for the comment..

  4. time to time google made some changes so that its better to use webmaster blog to get updated

  5. nice pots. these google is king of internet and you should be aware of what the king is upto

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