An Honest Look at The Benefits of Each Web Browser

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The web browser is the most commonly used program on a computer. Despite this, an estimated 90 percent of Internet users didn’t actually pick the browser that they’re using. Most people instead rely solely on the programs that come pre-installed on the computer. This means that, while one browser may be the most popular, it may also not necessarily be the best.

This has many users rethinking their browsing choices and wondering which program is actually the best. To find out, you must compare the top five.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer had been the most popular web browser for years. That being said, it wasn’t popular based on speed, safety, or even design. Rather, it’s the most common web browser because it comes already installed on every Microsoft machine. Since the majority of Internet users use a Microsoft computer, it’s no surprise the program ranks high on the list. Internet Explorer has come a long way since debuting, but it’s had several serious security flaws in the past. The web browser also loads websites at a much slower speed than some of the competitors. While Internet Explorer has made strides to fix these problems, it now remains the underdog of the group.

Google Chrome

Debuting in 2008, Google Chrome is the new kid on the block. While some may think a newer browser wouldn’t catch on as fast, Google Chrome did a great job wooing users with it’s lightning fast speed. The browser also contains HTML5 support which means it’s already prepared for future acceleration while other competitors are left struggling to keep up. Between the features and speed of the program, this has made Google Chrome the most popular web browser on the today. In terms of problems, Chrome has had a few security glitches in the past, but frequent updates keep the browser safe. The one security flaw that has yet to be addressed is the browsers lack of Do Not Track protection. Many users feel this violates their privacy and refuse to use the browser until it’s fixed.


Firefox was top dog before Google Chrome came along but has since fallen behind. The browser still remains the second fastest out of the top five, but lack of new features has caused many users to grow bored of it. Instead of releasing new settings, the company focuses of minimizing start up time, maximizing speed, using less memory, and increasing security. While this does make it a great web browser, it lacks the sparkle that the competitors have.


Opera has long been considered an innovator of web browsers. Like Google Chrome, the browser contains added support for HTML5 which will help lessen the chances of future problems occurring. Also like Chrome, Opera is known for being lightning fast. The browser is able to do this by using a caching method, meaning that it loads previously displayed pages rather than the actual website. This makes it the perfect program to use for those who have a slow Internet connection.



Safari is the most popular browser with Mac users, but unfortunately, those who are using Windows will have to use the outdated 5.1.7 version. Even though Apple has gotten rid of Window updates, Safari still remains a top web browser. The program has a visually appealing design and contains dozens of useful features that users love. Unfortunately, these added features appear to slow down the program as it has the slowest start up speed of all the other browsers. The program also lacks hardware acceleration which makes surfing the web even slower.

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  1. All of these internet browsers have their unique qualities. But I think Google Chrome is the best.

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