Lets commit career suicide on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is an awesome business platform, which undoubtedly provides extra-ordinary help to students and business professionals to enhance their bright futures. Moreover, LinkedIn for the last few years have a significant rise in its popularity in all over the world. Last but not the least; you can have anything on it like business planning, SEO discussion, job posting, applying for jobs, meeting people, and much more.


However, whether you are starting up a professional career or trying to promote your already established career, LinkedIn provides a tremendous forum to excel. It tries to build professional linkages and bonding between experts and technicians of their own field. Here communities are developed where experts give professional advice, suggestions, and implications to excel in the field.

Thus, before starting up the professional career, one must have to set its own goals and objectives to be achieved. Most of the people have the view that LinkedIn is the forum, which promotes the concept of the career suicide. Why it is so? One of the main reasons, which support this clause is that it is full of ambitious professionals, who post such comments on their profile, which detract the mind of the beginners and change their fields due to their success. Moreover, any failure or inappropriate news damages the mental capabilities of the person as well.

Hence, if you really want to establish a career connections or linkages with the professionals of your field of interest, then try to create a profile that is capable of promoting you in front of others in an appropriate manner. Here are some of the few guidelines that are effective in this sense.

Attractive header of your profile

It is true that main theme or slogan line of any book should be attractive. Same is the case with the personal statement or experience summary of the person. It should depict the true sense of what you have done before and what you are going to achieve. The headline must be attractive, catchy, and striking for the viewers. Most of the people are using job title and company names, as the starting lines but it is not the good idea to present you in front of other professional entities. However, it must be short but something like this that every one insists to read it once and try to explore more should be in your profile. Thus, try to be creative and use catchy words that grab the readers’ attention towards your page.

Show your experience

Try to focus on those experiences that seem to be your excellence and distinction of your personality. This approach will help you to boost up your ego, especially whenever any top professional will contact you due to any professional reason. Thus, you can consider this a way to boost up your career with ease. The only thing that will be required is updating your profile status on frequent basis.

However, keep in mind that one should try to avoid irrelevant titles of the post, which one had acquired in past, as it will create a negative impact on your profile viewers.

Active with your voice

In order to avoid career suicide, LinkedIn provides a forum to grow and prosper through intensive and healthy discussions. Thus, always communicate in the conversational and humanely manner with the people of your circle, because recruiters always focus the behavior first before anything else. In this regard, try to avoid using old and traditional phrases for descriptions.

In nutshell, all of the above mentioned points are very helpful in pursuing your career and branding your personality in a broader perspective. Therefore, take your time out to compile your profile that can attract the recruiters to increase the opportunities for your career resilience.

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  1. LinkedIn can be a professional lifesaver, if used correctly. It is just a tool though, and like any other tool, can be dangerous if used incorrectly. The keys to LinkedIn success are regular contributions of high-value, well targeted content, and thoughtful interaction with others in your market. Used correctly, LinkedIn can work wonders, but too few go at it half baked and receive the kind of results such an effort deserves.

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