Beginner Guide to Making Money via Blogging!

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Blogging has created new opportunities for online users to make some money in a shorter and quicker way. So if you are a blogger, website owner or even have a minor online presence, you can definitely make the most out of your time.


With the emergence of blogging trend, online businesses can now launch a product, direct traffic to their website or maximize their social media presence in no time. This in turn goes in favor of the people who are serious players in online world and of course in blogging. With popular online marketing and advertising methods, these people can now use a blog as a platform to generate revenue.

To understand how you can monetize your blog and earn easy income at home, you can implement all or any one of the following methods:

  • Direct/Sponsor Ads: With an online blog, you can attract entrepreneurs and marketers to promote their product or service. They will ask you to promote their products via placing their ads on your blog. This way you’ll give them the exposure they want and you get the charges you desire.
  • Build A Blog and Sell It: Many bloggers and website owners create a blog or website, build traffic and then sell it. They work on them by utilizing SEO tools and popular marketing methods to maximize the readership. As soon as they get the desired traffic, they sell it at competitive rates. It is a popular way to promote a business and make money. The same process can be carried out on defunct blogs and squeeze some money out of them.
  • Sell Something On Your Blog: The most popular way to earn money through a blog is by putting up something for sale. Put your own product or any popular brand that people love to buy. You can even make a handsome profit out of sales made through your blog. You can also showcase your hobby to generate revenue in return. For example, if you have an interest in yoga, you can give free fitness advice and health tips to your readers. As you get the desired traffic, you can sell training videos on yoga techniques.
  • Capitalize Your Knowledge: Professional bloggers are also known for making substantial income by giving product reviews of popular and upcoming products. So if you are someone who has information on the latest trends in a niche industry, you can make good money by benefiting from your knowledge of a product.
  • Engage In Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is perhaps the most popular way to earn money online. All you need is to create a blog and place banner ads and links to the different traders selling products online. With affiliate marketing, you set a commission on every purchase made through your blog. Write informative reviews about the products so that your blog gets maximum readers who may purchase the product. Make a thorough review of the company and business before putting the banner or link on your blog. This will help you avoid trapping in an online scam or fraud schemes.
  • Offer Paid Posts: Website owners and bloggers search for websites with high PR – PageRank so that they can improve their rankings on SERP – Search Engine Results Page. Get connected with such websites and blogs and place their guest posts in exchange for certain amount of money. Be sure that the blog or website has optimum ranking in SERP before engaging in a deal.

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