10 Important HTML5 Frameworks

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A framework of HTML 5 guarantees validity of the coding, without much complex coding that may prone to more errors. Additional effects with JQuery scripts as well as CSS3 styles would enhance the entire functionality of the resultant layouts.


The HTML framework speeds up the development process of web development without need of hand-written code.

Let us explore 10 essential frameworks of HTML5.

Wix HTML 5 Website Builder

It makes the design to be flexible and creative just by drag and drop editor with validity. Pick any audio, slideshow or video element from the library of widgets, graphics, canvas, galleries, sliders and animation and blend with your own style.

HTML 5 Boilerplate

Boilerplate is the best tool and resource for the beginners to prepare the web pages to describe as self-described. It enables security, performance optimization, caching, cross-browser normalization and print style sheets.

52 Framework

Combined with CSS3 Style sheets, it offers well designed pages with rounded corners and drop shadows with supporting multimedia forms etc.

G5 Framework

Use it to enhance the existing pages, app projects or themes to be developed faster as it features PHP actives class with SEO optimization.

Kendo UI

Templating, animation, drag drop actions and data binding are richly formatted and wrapped with CSS3. It supports app development for mobile and app.


jQuery as well as PHP form handlers can be created with it. The reformed forms are stored in local storage of HTML5 with no need of database.


It helps to create a HTML5 Boilerplate based web project, auto generating the code. The features other than from Boilerplate can be added like .js etc.


It is a mobile framework to build markup with HTML5, CSS3 including API. You can design iOS, Blackberry and Android apps including many modern features.


A set of theme folders and files for meticulously crafted templates with WordPress functionality all personalized accordingly.

Brave New World

It is a first framework of HTML5 WordPress with promising new looks other than the existing WordPress frameworks.

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