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If you need a website finished as fast as possible without relying services on web designers or developers, one nifty tool is to use a website maker. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools to help you create a website from the ground up on your own using an all-in-one website maker. But, not all website makers are the same, there are some features that you might not need, and there are some that will be tremendously beneficial for the growth of your website. So, here are some quick tips on how to choose the best website maker.

Find a website maker with lots of templates

Your goal is not to create your own website for days or weeks but in under a few minutes. It is crucial that the best website maker has a lot of templates available not only because it can cater the needs of their customers but also there are certain features in a web template that will make your site stand out from the rest.

It should be extremely customizable too because you want it to at least have a distinction from the rest of the websites which uses the same template as you have.

Multimedia support

Plain text with pictures is not enough to convey information and entice web surfers to visit your site often. Your best website maker should have support for the different multimedia codecs in video or audio format. A website maker should have all the necessary multimedia like Flash, video, audio, and image animation. You won’t find such multimedia support in free website maker sites so stay away from it if you need multimedia contents.

Compatible with your marketing strategies

If you have your own marketing strategy, make sure that it matches perfectly to the best website maker you consider. If you promote your website through blogs or social networking sites on your own, you need some tools that will easily support integration to blogs and social networking sites.

Ease of use

When you want to get a website done in less than 10 minutes, the best website maker should have a very easy to use interface. One of the best feature in a website maker is the ability to drag and drop interfaces as if you are moving a picture using a word processor. To be sure if that website maker is what you want, a website maker will let you try their product for 7 to 30 days. Do not opt-in to their services unless you get a feel of how their website maker works.

Customer support

You might encounter problems along the way so, it is best that you seek a website maker that can give you support whenever you need one. It should have phone, chat, email, or ticketing support and is available 24 hours a day.

The best site builder meets not only the technical requirements of a consumer-friendly website maker but also has the exact requirements you need. Ensure that you match both the technical requirement and your personal preference in choosing the best website maker.

17 thoughts on “Tips for Choosing The Best Website Maker

  1. I tried using WIX one time as a free webhost and free website maker, but I didn’t find it so easy to use and gave up rather quickly. I agree that customer support is the most important thing, especially if the platform you use is not the easiest to understand.

    1. Agree with you Brian, Functions of Some website makers are too difficult to understand. For that we need to check their services before signing up through free trials or from user reviews.

  2. I am very much agreed with the post.A website maker is a great tool for us if we are going to make a website within few minutes.In designing we have to spent lots of days and after that the coding is done.But if we have templates with good design then it sweeps the designing headache and saves lots of time for us.The best thing is that we have options and if the designs are not likes by the customer than we can chose other template.

    1. My opinion is until you are not a good website designer or coder it better to get service from other.

  3. I ve had much experience of using different website builder, from free softwares to online tools to paid and expensive softwares for making websites. I ve also tried other websites creation through programmers, and what I’ve noticed is that the best way to do so is to hire some programmer and guide him step by step to build a website design for you. I hope you will agree with me on it.

    1. Yes Michael, Hiring someone is also a good idea. But most of the time we get some creative templates or idea from website builders.

  4. Or as an alternative, you can just download any of the already-made templates that are presented on the Internet. It will save much your time and money

    1. Yes, Buying already-made template or theme can helps us in many ways.

  5. Yes it is must to select a person or a organization which is suitable for you to build your website. The customer support is the first thing you should consider, then the quality of work.

    1. The good customer support is needed in almost every online field and specially in website building. Thanks for you Comment.

  6. Finding the right web builder is definitely a big part of your website if not the biggest. Could you possible name some of the most effective and easy to use web builders that you have encountered.

    1. Well, some of the website builders i used was Jimdo, AngelFire, Wetpaint, Tripod and BlueVoda and they were quite effective.

  7. Great article! There are a lot of factors that go into picking the best website format, and research must be done to find the best one for you or your business. There are so many options out there these days!

    1. Before signing up of a website builder there should be a deep research on the service by using their free trials or by searching reviews of the service.

  8. Website makers are blessings in disguise when it comes to very busy people or those who are under a tight budget. Templates are easy to use to suit the content of your site. A site can be finished after a few hours or minutes, even. Once content is complete, it can easily be laid down on the site.

    1. Yes, with a website builder a website can be ready within a less time. It can save money and time.

  9. Nice points had been shared by you regarding choosing the best website maker….

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