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Outdated SEO Tactics

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Creating a website that can be recognized by search engines is important to building traffic and finding new customers. Correctly optimizing your website for search engines will help it gain visibility. However, many sites use outdated SEO tactics that dramatically damage the credibility of their product.


What can you do to ensure your website is optimized without being penalized by search engines? Here are some of the outdated SEO tactics you need to avoid.

Too Many Links

One of the ways to improve visibility is by linking your website with others. This can be a great way to prove that your website is legitimate. Some companies, however, link too often. Backlinks need to make sense to your website, and to search engines. Deceptive anchor text with spam-like URLs have made backlinks a poor practice in the SEO world. Since linking is important to the visibility of your website, the best thing you can do is focus on using solid anchor text that matches the content on the website. The other important thing to do is create valuable content that will gain proper visibility from search engines. Remember, you want your links to be natural, not forced.

Spinning Articles

This goes lockstep with linking. A lot of companies try to get as many links as they possibly can by spinning articles and stuffing them all over the Internet. The spinning tactic is terrible and will cost your website in the long run. This happens if the articles are posted on spam websites, and if they don’t make sense. If you have ever landed on a spun article, you know how difficult it can be to read the content. Article spinning software should never be used, as it just jams a ton of keywords into the content and posts it on random pages on the Internet. When you are submitting articles, make sure you avoid websites that are just based on ezines. The best practice to follow is to submit a guest post to a high quality website. Write an informative, quality article that will be valuable to the website owner. Avoid the use of keywords as they should come naturally within the content as you write it.

Keyword Stuffing

Keywords can provide you with a great guideline on what information you want to write about, but you should not overuse them. Keyword stuffing is an outdated SEO practice that results in poorly written work. Most articles stuffed with keywords are unreadable. When you use keywords, make sure they relate to the content you are writing about. Try to limit how often you actually use the keywords as you want them to flow naturally within the article. .

Poor Press Releases

Writing a press release can attract attention from search engines, but what happens when you create a bunch of press releases without having new information to share? This practice can damage your reputation with search engines. Only write up press releases when you actually need to share something newsworthy with your audience.

3 thoughts on “Outdated SEO Tactics

  1. If a company or an individual will use these points which you discussed in our post definitely he/she have to pay for it because SEO is not an easy and simple business now. It is full of technicalities and competition, only those are successful in this field who are using ethical, natural and extra ordinary ways to get back-links and to promote their websites. Therefore if you want to get better results in SEO business you have to show patience and you have to be nice.

  2. I can’t believe people are still taling about these things. Who’s doing keyword stuffing? Who even dares to buy links? It’s just not worth it. Google is getting more and more sophisticated in these things and bloggers need to pay much more attention.

    All the best for 2014 everyone!!!

    1. You are absolutely right and i think there is more need to invest on blogging and social media because too much link-building is dead now and it is all about targeted audience and market. Without investing time on blogging and social media sites you can’t achieve your goals. A company’s own blog is more effective than others because you can easily post anything and about any product for your customers and then optimize the content you posted on your blogs. Build blogging relationships with famous bloggers and build your own audience via your company blog.

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