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If you have been doing SEO for a while now, you would be aware that content is the king and links are your stairway to ranking heaven.  Webmasters have been focusing on article and press release submissions for quite a while now and with the panda update some of the focus has shifted to Guest posting or Guest blogging and getting links through it. Webmasters used to do this earlier as well but with the Panda update , this has become one of the best ways to get context based links that bring link juice and traffic and increase the readers or followers and ultimately revenue.

So what is Guest Posting?

In simple terms, guest posting refers to writing and publishing a unique article or blog post on another webmaster’s website or blog. It is the most effective method of combining content and link building and getting quality links from authority websites and blogs without resorting to objectionable methods like paid links and reciprocal links which Google frowns upon. It also has the benefit of promoting your service and getting free publicity that will bring more people in to your website and increase ad revenue or sales.

So How do you go about doing Guest Posting?

Frist, you would need to research and build a database of websites and blogs that allow guest posting. Break it down into industry and specific niche categories. If you are lagging on certain keywords, search for blogs that rank high on them and will allow guest posting. They are your first target.

Once you have built a database, start brainstorming ideas and topics that you can write about and submit to the chosen blogs and websites. Make a list of topics and reach out to the potential webmasters. You need to display your interest to submit guest posts for their websites and blogs in return for a link exchange. The link is normally displayed with the author’s bio. Send a sample copy with the email for their review. When the post is made live, post a link on your Facebook and Twitter page as well to make it viral and give some traction to them as well.

Some webmasters will expect you to provide accompanying images for the post as well. So, make sure that the content is suitably illustrated where required. Some website owners would only allow specific topics to be published so before sending out a post, suggest them some topics and based on their feedback and approval, proceed accordingly.

Some important points to be kept in mind while doing Guest Posting are:

  • Always use unique content. You want to build a reputation and rapport with the other webmasters so that they keep on publishing the content and duplicate content will not cut it.
  • The content should be informative and add value. It should not be for the sake of SEO only.
  • Do your research properly and accentuate your content with illustrations and graphics where required.
  • The guest post should not be opinion based and more of a thesis based approach.
  • Once it is published, interact with the commenters that provide feedback on the post on the published blog. It helps to build the name and traffic.
  • Build relationships with the audience and the webmasters.
  • Always thank the webmaster once the post is published and contribute regularly. Your aim is to build the community.

Why not try your hand at this very effective and natural way of building links and forging online relationships and share your feedback.

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