Different Types of Web Hosting Revealed

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Web hosting allows the individuals and businesses to make their sites easily accessible to the audiences through the WWW. A web hosting provider is thus the company that offers some part of the web space on the server to be utilized by the customers. There are indeed a number of web hosting plans available that one can choose from.

To have the best type of web hosting, one needs to check one’s requirements and budget first and then choose the perfect hosting plan.

Dedicated hosting – why it is most preferred?

Dedicated web hosting is the popular of all hosting types. As the name refers to, the dedicated servers are the kind of hosting where there is single server that is dedicated to the site. With this, one does not have to share the server with other sites or even share the hard drive space, memory or server resources provided with the dedicated server. More so, this kind of web hosting is recommended mainly for all those who have the site that accommodate large traffic or the ones that need increased speed, security as well as reliability for the sites.

Shared hosting is another popular type

Then, the second type of web hosting is the shared hosting. This is the one where a number of sites are there on a single server. Each site that is there in the server is featured with its own section to distinguish from other sites. It is even believed to be the most economical kind of hosting as it allows the clients to maintain their domain names on their own. Shared hosting is thus recommended for all those who either have small businesses or who run the non-profit organizations.

VPS hosting

Further, the virtual private server hosting is the intermediate between shared and dedicated hosting. This server is divided by the virtual software into various servers and so every user has a part of the server with root level access. This type of hosting provides customizable solutions to the users.

Managed hosting

Managed hosting is another kind of web hosting that is much liked by the customers. Though the clients can manage the data through FTP, indeed they are not offered access to Windows or Linux administrators. Through not permitting the clients to change the server, the web host can guarantee quality of web service. And in such a type of hosting, even the server is leased to client.

Reseller hosting

Another popular and much liked type of web hosting is the reseller hosting. With such a type of service, the customers can host their own sites through affiliating to reseller. The resellers have their own personal virtual servers to offer to the clients.

Free web hosting

Last but not least, free web hosting is yet another hosting type that provides limited options and features to the clients. This type of hosting is perfect for non-commercial and personal sites. The hosting is even recommended for all those with small sites and less traffic.

So, now you are aware of the different types of web hosting available in the market, you can make your decision and get the type of plan that best suits your requirements.

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