The Benefits of Responsive Web Design

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If your company’s presence on the Internet relies on a standard website that is best suited for viewing on a desktop or laptop computer, you may be making it difficult for people who use smartphones to find you and learn about the goods and services you provide. It’s a good idea to set up a responsive website instead so you can meet potential customers and clients wherever they are, even when they’re on the go. If a person cannot easily use your site while using a mobile phone or tablet, they might give up on learning about your company and instead go with another firm.


If you’ve already established a conventional website and added a mobile version, you typically have to leave out a lot of features to accommodate the smaller screens of portable devices. You also have to split your company’s URLs for the regular website and the mobile version, instead of consolidating traffic to boost your ranking in search engines and enhance your site’s credibility. With responsive Web design, your business will have a single website that will work on any device, whether it is a smartphone, laptop, desktop or tablet computer. When a person performs a search and clicks on a link to your site, the page will automatically detect what kind of device they are using and present an adaptable layout that works on any size screen. Flexibility is important because you cannot predict the types and sizes of future mobile devices. It’s impractical to build multiple versions of your website to accommodate iPad users, Android smartphone users and people who use old iPhones or the newer versions that have slightly larger displays.

A website made with responsive design techniques will use fluid, flexible grids to make a page that keeps its elements properly aligned based on the proportions and size of the device. If you need to work with someone outside your company to create or optimize your site for desktop and mobile use, hire a professional with experience in Web design. Your designer will see to it that your responsive website uses images, such as your company logo, photos of your building or flagship products that will look great on any device without the viewer having to scroll or tap to enlarge an item to properly see it. If you’ve ever had to flip your smartphone sideways to read an article, you’ll appreciate the benefits of a well-designed responsive website. Ask a prospective designer to show you examples of his/her work that you can test for yourself on different devices to make sure you like what s/he can do.

By setting up a responsive website for your business, you stand to reach more customers than you attracted with your older standard site aimed solely at desktop users. What’s more, your competitors may not have their own responsive websites developed yet, which gives you the upper hand in finding new business leads. Optimize your site now and start tracking repeat visits from users who appreciate your multi-functional website.

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