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In order to promote brands online, an SEO expert company will have different methods to use in order to create the perfect strategy. It is extremely important to understand each method and to know the different strategies, so you can have the tools to choose the one that suits best your brand, whether it’s a known brand or a new one. Two of the most common and effective ways are article submission and SEO link building.

If you are looking to increase the traffic in your website, you will find a very helpful tool in article submission. It is becoming very common for website owners to post articles and blogs related to the products and services that their website provides. They normally hire writing or an SEO expert companyto post the articles, so they can make sure that these articles are not only interesting, but informative and contain relevant keywords. If the content of the article is appropriate and unique, it will influence your page ranking, by creating links to your website, thus enhancing the results of your promotional strategy. However, this can only be achieved with excellent quality articles. This means that ‘copy-paste’ is out of the question. You should have the best keywords and phrases, and your content should be diverse and well-written.

It is also very important to select the proper directory for your articles, one that is related directly to your company and the products and services you provide. Making sure of that, you will enjoy the advantages of the article submission strategy. For example, if you have a great article published on many different directories, you will automatically get a high number of backlinks, this will guarantee that the positioning of your site in the organic search results increases. Just make sure that you place your signature with a link to your website on the resource box.

You need to trigger the interest of your readers, so that they spread a word about it after reading it. You may reach a larger audience if your articles are well written and provide interesting and accurate content.  This will guarantee, not only that your article goes viral, but that your reputation as a professional is established. People unconsciously will start relating the good quality of your articles with your business, thus with your products and services. This will turn your frequent readers into potential customers.

Having an excellent quality article, cleverly positioned in different directories does not guarantee the success of your website. There is more to take care of, as articles might also get rejected, wasting your time spent working, researching and writing, as well as distributing and uploading your articles. First of all, make sure you have read and understood the terms and conditions of the article directories you are registering with. Note down carefully the do’s and don’ts and follow them. Most article directories will demand certain quality in the articles you are publishing. Make sure that the articles you are submitting are totally unique, contain accurate information and are well-written. You will also have to consider that different directories have different requirements regarding the length of the articles, which may vary from around 300 words to 450. Do not increase the word count by stuffing in irrelevant content. Do your best to maintain the article as crisp and clear as you can.

It is never advised to include ads in your articles. These should be only informative about certain topics that the reader is interested in. Publishers usually reject articles where brands or specific products are mentioned. To promote your company, you can use the resource box, where you are allowed to include a brief description of your brand and you can add backlinks to your site.

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  1. Great post.
    I’ve been writing articles and what i do is to use a tool to check if they are unique. I usually get above 90% but some article directories reject my articles. I agree with you that SEO via articles is hard process which requires a lot of work and commitment.

    1. the tool which you are using doesn’t gives the perfect result.Try Plagtracker.com and check the copied content…I assure you it will give the accurate results.

  2. Hello Charlie,

    This post is really impressive. You have given crisp details about useful SEO strategies. Your analysis is really overwhelming. Creating interest in the minds of readers is never an easy task but not impossible at the same time. One should write on useful topics and address the minds of the readers. Thanks for this post.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and appreciating our Article.

  3. This is really good post and you have huge information about SEO, your analysis is very usefull for the seo employes and please give me the extra information for the backlinking.

    thanks for the shearing..

    1. Hey Anjalika,Thanks for considering our Article useful…However we have not much information for backlinking.As soon as we got,we will definitely share it with you.

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