Mobile Conferencing with Smartphones

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One of the most popular features of Tablets and Smartphones these days is video calling. The ability to actually see, as well as talk to your friends, family and colleagues, is a great advantage of modern technology. Wireless networks are constantly improving, as are the resolution and technology of Smartphones and Tablets.


Therefore the quality and availability of mobile video conferencing is becoming much better as time goes on.

Helping businesses to stay ahead

The main benefit to mobile conferencing is the fact that it helps businesses to stay ahead. You can keep all of your employees and colleagues up to date with recent news and changes to the business no matter where they are. It also makes it easier for businesses which operate in several locations. Whether you have branches nationwide or globally, video conferencing lets you see and talk to your business colleagues anywhere in the world.

Another advantage to video conferencing via Smartphones and Tablets is it’s cheaper than making regular calls. In many cases it’s actually free to make and receive video calls. Thanks to various video calling apps, you can make as many free video calls as you like.

Cloud based networks and apps are one thing that you need to thank for this great service. Free Cloud networks operate all over the country. If you are travelling on the road, a Cloud network can help to provide you with free Wi-Fi. 3G and 4G networks aren’t always overly reliable. Therefore having a free Wi-Fi connection can be a real help for business users who travel a lot.

The great thing about video conferencing apps is that you can also often include users who just have a landline. So if somebody doesn’t have a Tablet or Smartphone near them, they can still hear the conference via a landline. This may come at a small cost but it’s still cheaper than making a regular call. Skype has one of the cheapest rates available for calling landlines.

Fixing problems as they arise

Of course it’s also handy to be able to use video conferencing in order to fix problems as and when they arise. If there’s a problem in business it’s important to sort it out as quickly as possible. You can easily hold and emergency conference to discuss any concerns and problems you have. So, if you have staff off sick, or colleagues travelling around the world on business meetings; Smartphone and Tablet video conferencing can help to keep everyone in the loop.

Not just for business use

Of course, video conferencing doesn’t just have to be for business use. You can use it to connect with friends and family too. If you are travelling then you could use a video conference call to talk to everyone at the same time. These types of family reunions can be fun, emotional and memorable!

No matter where you are in the world, it’s comforting to know that you can stay connected with the people you love. Video conferencing is something that is here to stay. Why not take a look at the different apps available? Skype and Viper are two of the best video calling apps currently available. However, there are many, many more that can work across platforms as well as on specific platforms such as Android and iOS.

Overall video conferencing for Smartphones and Tablets is constantly rising in popularity. It’s one of the best ways to keep in touch for both businesses and friends and family. Think about what you will mainly be using the service for before you decide upon an app to download. Each one comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

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  1. Video conferencing on smartphones has been very useful to me. I could call my loved ones anytime and anywhere I am. I can also do some emergency calls with my client while I’m away.

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