Promoting Your Blog sans Guest Blogging

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As we all know by now, the act of blogging alone isn’t enough to earn you publicity – more often than not, you need to get your work to channels where your content can be appreciated. Typically, you need to engage in some effective guest blogging in order to continuously find a fresh audience for your blog. There are many blog owners out there that are very open to accepting contributions from other bloggers, and finding ones that suit your needs isn’t all that difficult.


What is difficult, however, is ensuring that the best blogs are willing to publish your content. See, one of the reasons why you want to promote your blog in the first place is because you want to be one of the best blogs. That means you need to set yourself apart from sites that cover material similar to yours. The problem is that there can be hundreds, or even thousands of competitors who may have already had a head start. If the owner of the blog you want to submit to thinks that having another person’s content is better because they already have an excellent reputation, then you’re lost.

So what do you do when guest blogging just isn’t working out for you? Here are other ways through which you can promote your site through other blogs.

Hold a contest, spread the word

If other blogs aren’t particularly interested in your content, then perhaps they’d be more excited about being able to provide their readers with something fun to do without exerting much effort. Sometimes, it’s extremely difficult for blog owners to think of new ways of keeping their audience engaged. When you give them some fun activity to do – like naming a new category in your blog, or captioning a photo – that relates to their blog’s subject matter, they’ll be perfectly happy to promote your site at the same time.

Go big, host an event

If you don’t think that a contest is big enough to attract the kind of audience you want, you should consider holding an event that will attract the particular community of bloggers you want to cater to. As long as you have a theme that truly appeals to them – like making money out of blogging – you can attract a whole lot of people who will be willing to write positive things about you and your event. Mind you, this is best executed if you have a lot of money to burn. So this is a really good tactic for blogs that have earned some income, or blogs specifically run for businesses.

Bribe the blogger, give them cool stuff

If you give the blogger something that they absolutely adore – for example, an awesome custom USB or a sculpture of their favorite cult icon – then they’re more likely to mention you and your blog on their own blog. This requires a whole lot of research (and potentially a good chunk of your income); but if you do it absolutely right, you will find an extremely good ally in some really powerful bloggers. If you don’t think cool stuff will cut it, then that’s fine. Giving them cool stuff can also involve giving them great insider tips on where or how to get the stuff they like.

With just enough creativity, you can get other blogs to endorse you without having to create content for them.

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