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A DoFollow site is one that allows the search engines to follow a link from their site to yours. This increases the number of incoming links to your site, increases the likelihood that someone will locate you when searching, and improves your site’s position in the search engines.

These blogs have the ‘no follow’ link disabled from the comments, this means that if you comment on these sites, you will get an actual link/backlink.

I am mentioning some dofollow blog which you should follow. Just comment and get quality backlink to your site. So feel free to comment on as many posts as possible but do it meaningfully. The links that you use should be related to this blog or that particular post.

Shout Me Loud [PR 5]
Tech busy [PR 5]
HellBound Bloggers [PR 4]
honeytechblog [PR 4]
Blog Solute [PR 3]
eBlogTip [PR 3]
Worthy Tips [PR3]
TechChunks [PR 3]
NetChunks [PR 3]
Tech’n’ Share [PR 2]
UniversitySix [PR 2] [PR 2]
Technics Today [PR 2]
WhiteHatAndroid [PR 2]
Tek3d Weblog [PR 1]
Tech 4 World [PR 1]
hence proved

Cyber World proudly announce to be a dofollow blog. you can also get backlink by commenting in this blog.

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  1. Great list of Cool blogs around the India! Though you missed few Important blogs that I follow…
    Why can’t you work on increasing the list regularly?

  2. Posting more on do follow blogs helps a blogger gets more exposure

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