8 Ways Technology can Improve Your Safety with Cell Phone Monitoring Programs

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You can hardly imagine today’s corporate world without the ubiquitous presence of cell phones. With the ease they offer, there is also a threat to corporate and personal security. Good employers realize that personal and property safety go hand in hand. Thanks to the technology, their concern is rightfully addressed with state-of-the-art cell phone monitoring programs.

These programs are paid software with after-sales vendor support. As the name goes, they help you monitor the cell phone in every aspect – from its physical location to the last picture/video taken from the phone. They work covertly and legally. In the process, they ensure personal and property safety at all times. Here is how:

• They help you manage physical location of the handset via GPS tracking. If your employee is in danger, you will know quickly. If he is abusing the conveyance of the company to his benefit, you will know. If he is visiting competitors, you will know.

• They manage calls made to and from the handset. Most of the industrial espionage is done with short phone calls. Similarly, if the employee is in trouble, you can trace who was the last person he called.

• They manage text message traffic of the handset. Many employees will inform a close contact via short text message if they are in trouble. Similarly, the sneaky employee who has partnered with outsiders will send short messages during different times and will delete them from the handset. But the technology of cell phone monitoring programs is state-of-the-art. They maintain logs of deleted messages as well.

• They help you manage the internet browsing of the handset. Even if the employee deletes the history, the software would have already logged the details to the file on the cell phone. Hence you will save valuable $$$ by weeding out elements that use office cell phone for social and professional networking.

• They help you manage corporate email traffic. Most of the tariff structures for email are negotiated based on traffic. If email facility is used for official purposes only, you will have modest traffic and optimized tariff rates for your communication expenses. Also by monitoring emails, you will ensure personal and professional security of the employee/organization.

• They help you manage picture/video gallery on the phone. Sometimes, the employee may take unauthorized pictures or video of your premises and share it with outsiders. You can bust such efforts with the help of technology offered by monitoring software. Managing gallery also helps personal safety.

• With the help of this technology, you can manage contacts on the cell phone. You can spot doubtful contacts to ensure corporate security. In the event of an unfortunate accident, contacts can also help to connect with the people related to the employee.

• This technology is remote technology. So if the cell phone is snatched or lost, there is some backup data with you.

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