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Recover Files From an Infected Computer

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If computer do not start? The PC does not enter in safe mode? Now what? How to recover your files?  This may be very annoying as all your important files are in danger.

The computer may not start for several reasons, Power failure, virus, deleted files by mistake, etc.. Worst of all is losing of photos, Videos, or other important file you saved in PC.

You can recover your files even when your computer does not want to start. If none of other tricks work. You can use the linux That’s right Linux.

Step 1 : Download the Ubuntu CD, Create a bootable cd, there are several programs in Internet that create this type of media.

Step 2 : Put the cd in CD ROM and restart the computer, then press any key to start the cd.

Step 3: The magic starts, you simply choose the language and click try ubuntu, The system is loaded, and you have the same functionality without the installation.

Step 4: After the ubuntu load, you simply browse to the folder Windows, And find the files you want to retrieve, save on a flash drive and ready.

Get out of ubuntu, and now you can format windows without losing your files. Simple Right!

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