7 Perfect Technology Apps You Must Carry While Travelling

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Getting the right traveling apps is very critical for a smooth, comfortable and enjoyable journey. You are able to check the weather, routes, currency exchange information and even locate the nearest hotels in the areas you are traveling in.


You need the following 7 perfect technologies apps for the best and most enjoyable travel.

Triposo :

This is a travel guide app that is optimized for use in your mobile, iPad and android run electronics. It is very helpful by providing updated international information using Ex-Googlers and open street map. It also comes with other useful applications such as currency converter and active suggestions for explorations. It presents you with the most updated information on the country, town or specific area you are traveling to.

Tripit :

Whether you are traveling for a single day or you are out for a long holiday, keeping a close track of the entire plan can be cumbersome. Tripit however provides you with an easy solution on your laptop, iPad or smart-phone. You just need to email the details of your flight, the hotel you have booked and car rental confirmations for the app to organize the details for you. This is the best application for saying goodbye to folders and endless papers currently used to know where and when to go.

XE Currency:

XE Currency is like a financial companion for every traveler moving to a different country. It provides the traveller with live currency data plus a direct access calculator. You will therefore be able to tell the amount that a taxi will cost or the bank that offers the best deal in currency exchange. With this app, you can save the data and use it even when you are offline.

Hailo application :

Once you are through with a seminar or just arrived at the airport, you need to get a cab to take you to the next destination. It can be time consuming and stressful as you wander around looking for a cab. This app locates the nearest cab and also informs you the time it will take to reach and pick you. The application also gives you the mobile number of that cab’s driver and its registration details.

Urban spoon :

Locating a good restaurant, hotel or bar can be difficult especially when you are in a foreign country. You can get the name of the hotel, contacts, location, type, cost and even rating so that you establish whether it is good enough for you. You can use the contact to seek more details about the hotel and whether you can get your lovely cuisines.

Tube Exits:

Underground carriages in London can be very confusing when you do not know their exits. Tube Exits application helps travellers to know the carriages and where they exit. You just need to input your journey details to get the most efficient carriage to use.

UK Bus Checker:

Public transport in the US is very effective because it allows you to plan and enjoy your journey more. UK bus checker app provides you with information for over 300,000 stopping points and route maps. You can therefore board the bus that will take you to the next hotel, museum or other places you want to visit. It is important done have these apps for the safest and most effective travel.

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  1. Don’t forget about GPS apps. You know, you never know when you will get lost, especially on a place you never visited before. Some well-known GPS apps also offer offline maps feature which is awesome when the place you travel to has poor cellular network. Hope it helps!

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