Top Social Media Sites SEO Experts Should Consider

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If you have a business website, you definitely need search engine optimization to attract visitors, make conversions and boost your sales. Numerous search engine optimizers are now using social media as an effective SEO technique to achieve these goals. It is hard to deny the power of social media these days when the evidence is all around us.

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However, there are plenty of social networking sites today and not all of them can deliver results. It is vital for the SEO experts to know which sites matter the most and how they can utilize them. Some of the top social networking sites they can use are:



Certainly, Facebook is the largest social networking site globally with nearly a billion users. It has managed to help people keep in touch with people who are or have ever been in their lives including family, former high school classmates, colleagues and college buddies. One thing that makes this site great for business is that it offers a simple and quick way of communicating with customers. It also helps you track your progress with simple analytical tools.

Google Plus


This is now the second largest social networking site on the planet. Google Plus came up more recently and has surpassed other sites that previously held this position. The main function of this site is to help individuals connect with others based on similar topics and interests outside family and friendship.

This makes it perfect as an SEO tool since you can quickly find your target audience. The network has close to half a billion users. All the interactions on this site are real since Google has spent a ton of money into technology that prevents mechanical and automatic updates. Everything you do on this site gets indexed by Google, which is great for your website.



This is the third largest social networking site that has over 300 million users. Its main aim is to connect users with celebrities, topics and brands. It is a great way to catch the eye of someone you have been wishing to have an audience with, you just have to keep tweeting what interests them and it may catch their radar. Numerous programs allow you to automate your tweets, which is a good thing since there are about 400 million tweets every day and to remain relevant; you must tweet every few minutes on this site. You must also keep it brief, helpful and targeted.

Linked in


Linked in is the fourth largest social network on the globe. It is more of an online resume than a social networking site. It helps you list your educational qualifications, certification, training and skills. You can also include your work history and achievements. It even enables you to provide details of people who can back you up on your skills. It has nearly 200 million users most of who are business people. Many prospective clients or employers will search for your Linked in profile before they even deal with you.

There are numerous other social networking sites out there. The above mentioned are the best of the best when it comes to your SEO needs. It is an excellent idea to utilize more than one social networking site to meet your SEO needs.

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