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Linux Over Windows

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Windows is certainly the most used operating system in the world. And unfortunately, this is not a very competitive market. The only options are, practically, Linux and Mac OS X.

Why stop using Windows?

For people who are experienced with Windows, it may seem that there is no reason to change the system. Even more that Windows has improved considerably in recent versions. But just using Windows, the user may not realize how good other operating system may be. Using Windows, we are in a system insecure, full of viruses, inefficient, who lives giving problem and is very expensive. Microsoft creates a new version of Windows without regard to computers that already exist, which means that users have to update their computers to use each new release.

Using Linux you can have a fast and safe, that works well even on an older computer. The difference with software is not a major factor (in most cases) and the advantages of switch from Windows to Linux exceed the disadvantages.

Using Linux

Linux (or rather, GNU Linux) is an open-source operating system very efficient, stable and secure. It is organized in distributions (also called distros) which is nothing more than different versions released by different groups of developers.

In particular, the Ubuntu distribution that is more prominent in relation to ease of use. Each version of Ubuntu becomes more enjoyable and easy to use, since this has always been the focus of this distribution. In fact, Ubuntu is so good and friendly to use, despite having sufficient knowledge to use more advanced versions of Linux.

The Ubuntu can be downloaded for free to be burned onto a CD. The CD works so hard to make the installation of the system and to test the system without installing. Simply restart your computer with the CD inside and Ubuntu will be loaded. So you test it and if you want to do the installation, which is very easy to do, simply follow the onscreen instructions.

Alternative Software

Many of the software that people are used to using in Windows are not available for Linux. But the developer community creates free alternatives software for those who are very good, sometimes better than the originals. With Ubuntu you can create documents, spreadsheets and presentations, surf the Internet and many other things that are used to doing in Windows.

You can switch from Windows to Linux using Ubuntu. It just takes a bit of curiosity and perseverance always using the excellent tutorials (text and video) that exist on the Internet.

12 thoughts on “Linux Over Windows

  1. During my college years Linux was one of my reports. I was forced to study Linux to prove that it is way better than Windows. We actually had a debate over Windows,Mac and Linux. I didn’t win the debate over Mac. It seems that my professor favored the use of Mac instead.

  2. Windows is installed in most computers when you buy them,so people grow up using it and don’t use anything else,its a shame because Linux is far better.

    1. @Chester Builders, I am cent percent agreed with you. This is a common trend now a days that whenever you buy any system especially laptops windows is always installed in it. So this is a common trend that most of the people in our surroundings are habitual of Windows operating system and this is a very bad habit. Actually people are unaware of Linux magics.


  3. Linux is totally secure from Viruses but still people use windows, that’s really strange. I think the main reason is that people are quite used to windows than Linux that’s why they don’t want to try it.

    1. You know, I’m among those people) I know that Linux is much safer, but I still use Windows, because I got accustomed to it and don’t want to change anything)

  4. Hi Isha,
    You are absolutely right about Linux. Linux is almost virus-free. Most of the viruses are made for Windows OS. Also, Ubuntu has simplified the use of Linux. So, it is worth trying.

  5. One thing I know for sure….Linux runs a lot faster on my laptop as compared to Windows 7 or Xp. Up to know I have had a nice experience with Ubuntu.

  6. Another problem with linux is that they don’t have that many software for it. I use a lot of high end programming, and designing software that is only available in windows. I guess if companies start making good software that is compatible with linux, more people are going to switch.

  7. I dual-boot between Windows and Ubuntu. But, for real work, I use Ubuntu. I’ve never had any virus problem with it. I only use my Windows box for using tools that run exclusively on Windows. For everything else, I’m on Linux.

  8. Linux virus free – sounds like another OS! Everything computer based boils down to different people comfort zone requirements, whatever you are used to is what you tend to stick with through thick & thin. I have been Mac my whole life and using windows scares the life out of me. Have always said that I would find it easier to go back to pen & paper & an abacus

  9. Hey Isha, I have a theory about why more people don’t use Linux. Tech savvy people give them the impression that it will be too difficult for them. When I was a customer service manager I used to hear the tech support team talking about Linux all the time. I imagined this hugely complicated system that would take a PHD just to boot up. Then one of my staff who I became friends with invited me to his house, and he had Linux installed. He gave me a quick lesson; and to my surprise, I was able to find my way around quite quickly.

  10. But I still maintain that Linux is good for geeks and not for general masses. It has steep learning curve and you won’t find it in your workplace or cyber-cafe.

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