Ubuntu Operating System Now on Android Devices

How would you like to carry your desktop around on your smartphone? Sounds too good to be true, however today Ubuntu, specially designed for Android devices enables running free desktop operating systems on your phones. While on the move, you have an Android that is perfect for your smartphone, however the moment you are either […]

How Easy Is It To Play Windows Games On Linux?

Many people know of the OS Linux, but few people know how difficult it is to play games on Linux if you do not know a few tricks. There are games that are specifically developed for Linux users, and there are Windows games that provide patches for downloading to a Linux system. We are not […]

Recover Files From an Infected Computer

If computer do not start? The PC does not enter in safe mode? Now what? How to recover your files?  This may be very annoying as all your important files are in danger. The computer may not start for several reasons, Power failure, virus, deleted files by mistake, etc.. Worst of all is losing of photos, Videos, […]

Linux Over Windows

Windows is certainly the most used operating system in the world. And unfortunately, this is not a very competitive market. The only options are, practically, Linux and Mac OS X. Why stop using Windows? For people who are experienced with Windows, it may seem that there is no reason to change the system. Even more […]

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