Web Designing Tips To Create Error Free And User Friendly Website

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Every day there are new websites launched on the web with each of them exhibiting unique presentation styles of their own. Some of the website designs are too cluttered whereas others have the elegant look.

If you are working as a developer and would like to publish the website on internet there exist certain web designing tips that you should be aware of to start with.

Create a replica of website plan

The very initial step when you plan a site should be designing of the website. This would include the master page that you would like to apply throughout the website. The menu designs and what menu items to include can be thought over during this time. The design changes should be planned in advance. Later emphasis should be given on implementation of the functionality that needs to be done through coding. If designing is done flawlessly then even the functionality can be implemented easily.

Rendering the data

After you have designed the website in earlier stages later you can work on the code. The rendering of data may it be the web content to be displayed or the images should all be aligned in proper order. There should be no missing links in these images. At times you might see in some sites that the images are not displayed, this is mainly due to incorrect relative path of the images to be displayed. There should be no overlapping of controls. This is the indication of poor programming skills.

Styling the controls

The HTML coding helps in placing the controls in required order. You can also decorate and customize the controls that are placed on the web pages. This can be done through referencing style sheets. These style sheets can not only be used to customize controls but also can be used to provide different style to the web content as well. The client side validations also can be handled through scripting file. There are many tips available online that can be referenced to achieve this.

Validation needs

All the controls that have input field need to be validated. Say you have a login page created. After entering the username and password the user gets access to his/her account. In case user enters wrong login name, error should be flashed. Validations of these types need to be done well in advance. This would help in checking the feasibility and genuineness of the site. This can be determined by thorough testing of the site. In the development and execution of the project you would find maximum time is invested in testing the functionality.

As you browse through internet you would find tons of tutorials online that would train you on web designing tips. There are many online web developers that can help you resolve the errors in your coding as well. Consider all the above mentioned points when you start as a beginner in the field of programming. With technology in your hand, achieving all kinds of design requirements is quite easy to create.

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