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Better Option for Link Building – Forum posts Vs Blog comments

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Link Building is the root work behind the online marketing campaign, therefore to market or promote your blog or site or product always choose the tools or sites having high web visibility and who drives huge daily traffic.

Among forums and blog comments, if both give you “do-follow” links then many other parameters are also there to decide the worth between the two and one can easily decide which one is better.

Initial Direct Traffic

If you are looking for direct traffic and that too are at much fast rate, then of course blog comment will not be the right choice. Forum threads give you the opportunity to spread your link as many times as you want, by creating or answering the posts. It gives you the wide range of area of different categories to maximize your traffic and ultimately you get the desired or targeted traffic.

Customized Tag Keyword

In forums, one can tag as many desired keywords with your forum post which is not possible in case of blog comments. These keyword tags would help you in taking and placing links in the threads, also give you benefit in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Like if any user searches for any particular keyword, which also matches with your keyword tag then your post will also come up in the result pages and your site will definitely get benefit.


Discussions come up in both forums and blog comments. Blog comments involved with the direct discussion which can be edited by the moderator if he/she does like it. But in forums, both collective as well as individual discussions can take place which makes them more friendly. In forums, people make friends with each other and create a friendly atmosphere both at personal as well as professional levels. Along with discussions, they get back links very easily.


Getting approval of blog comments are fully dependent on the moderator of the blog which is not there in case of forums. Forums are open to all and there are some initial guidelines to follow in forums. After the initialization process in forums, one can submit links without any wait for the approval. Link building through forums are much easier and quicker than through blog comments.

SEO Benefits

When the term SEO comes then blog comments are more effective then forums because page rank is easily allocated by blogs then forums. A comment on a blog having high page rank makes its high value in SEO terms. Forums are sometimes bit lacking in page rankings. So blog comments are also valuable.

Regularly Updating Material

Forums are more regularly updated then blogs and therefore create a high impact on link building. While blog are less frequently updated as it completely in the moderator’s hands. So admin intervention is important for the improvement in rankings.

In the nutshell, it is fair enough to conclude that forums are better option for getting both signature links and traffic. Forum posts are quick, simple and easily available option to drive high traffic and maximum number of clicks. A forum having high traffic and with relevant niche with your link is the most suitable for your marketing prospect.

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