How Web Designers Can Benefit from Multivariate Testing

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With trends in Internet marketing as well as search algorithms continuously evolving, the quality and features of web designs must change alongside them to ensure high search engine ranking. Tests should be conducted regularly in order to determine if your web design is still doing its job. Of the various types of tests you can perform, multivariate testing is probably one of the most commonly used and most recommended. This test is basically an extension of what A/B or split type testing can do.

Instead of testing two different versions of a single element of your website, multivariate testing allows you to test various versions of several elements all at the same time. If done correctly, this testing method can lead to numerous advantages for web designers to enjoy.

Lower Bounce Rates

According to Google Analytics, bounce rate identifies the number of persons who leave within the first five seconds of visiting a particular website. If you have a high bounce rate, your web design is likely to be the cause since it’s usually the basis of most people’s first impressions of a website.

A high bounce rate is something seriously worrisome. You should think of it as one of the major obstacles to the success of your online business. Thankfully, multivariate testing can counteract the effects of high bounce rates. When conducting this test to lower your website’s bounce rate, the most important thing you should do is to determine the factors that may have contributed to your failure of keeping visitors engaged.

More Website Interaction

If you want your visitors to be more fully engaged when spending time on your website, then multivariate testing can help with that, too. Increased interaction is always a good thing since it could be one of the keys to understanding your target market better. You can get an amazing amount of invaluable feedback simply by getting your visitors to participate more fully in the various activities available in your website.

More Signups

If getting people to sign up for your newsletter or eBook is a major element in your online marketing campaign then multivariate testing can help with that as well. In this case, the main thing you have to work on would be the landing page that provides information for people who have arrived at your website knowing that they have something they can choose to sign up for. It’s important that you conduct this test to come up with the best web design variation that will help increase the number of people signing up for your offer.

You should consider not just only the text on your landing page but all other elements it consists of as well. Think about the layout, the images you are using, and even the formatting you have used for your text.

Moreover, contrary to popular belief this type of test is not only effective for web designs. You can use multivariate testing to ensure that the content of your eBook or newsletter will definitely deliver what it promised.

Obtain Certification

There are various websites which offer website seals or certifications to those whose web designs meet their qualifications. Certain types of seals represent the highest level of security for websites. If you have this type of seal, your customers may enjoy better peace of mind knowing that there are reduced chances of their accounts getting hacked or accessed by unauthorized parties while browsing your website.

Win Awards

It’s always a good thing if your web design has been nominated or – better yet – achieved recognition from award-giving bodies. With such awards, customers will definitely feel more encouraged to visit and explore your website. After all, it has to be good for something if it won an award and bested the rest of your competition.

When conducting multivariate testing for this purpose, you must remember to take into account the criteria used by the award-giving body. For that matter, the same rule definitely applies if you are conducting this type of test to obtain certification. You must also consider the criteria used by the organization issuing the certification. Lastly, remember to keep in mind what your target market wants and ensure that the final version of your web design is aligned with their preferences as well.

Increase in Sales

Last but not the least multivariate testing can help increase the rate for the most important web conversion of all. With this type of test, you will be able to gradually discover what it is you have to do to convert visitors into full-fledged customers – ones that actually paid for something while exploring your website.

There are of course numerous elements for you to consider, but with multivariate testing you will be able to test several or most of them all at the same time. Compared to A/B testing, you will be able to save a huge amount of time when you conduct this type of test instead.

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