How to Use Social Media for Better Business Performance

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The latest buzzword in business and social circles is social media. It not only provides a fast route to personal popularity but just as much to business success. In fact, businesses not incorporating social media into their business plans are losing out in a big way. Social media is easy to learn, understand and adopt without seeking professional help, and without having to incur huge expenses. Once implemented the results in terms of better business begin to show from day one.

A few tips to begin with social media will help to get started on this positive business tool:

  • List of email addresses of contacts must be compiled after collecting them from the emails received, databases of clients and other sources. A generic list of these can be maintained either as an Excel spreadsheet or by using one of the various smart phone applications like Notepad.

  • A profile on LinkedIn, namely, is a good way to make others familiar with what you stand for. The profile must ideally be in a personal name with details and information you would like to share with others. This could include achievements, career moves, successes and other highlights from the past. Gradually the LinkedIn profile will lead to other uses, but the first step is to start with a profile.

  • Blog pages added to an existing website or signed up without any expense at, proves to be beneficial in sharing thoughts, views and perspectives on business related issues.

  • Email marketing programs can be initiated and they have proved to show quick results. In fact email marketing companies offer free trials for 1-3 months. Companies like Constant Contact have a big list of successes achieved for clients.

  • Build a network by adding the list of emails collected to the LinkedIn profile and email marketing program. A newsletter to these contacts is a good way to stay in touch.

Once these initial measures have been taken, it is time to implement changes and act on them. These require some time and effort but are sure to reap rich results.

  • With a blog page in place, the first step is to add regular posts to the blog. Any neglect will make the blog fade away. The posts must be informative and hold the interest of the reader since his attention span is short and boring information will make him click away. Helpful tips related to the industry your business belongs to, are always read seriously.

  • The newsletter needs to have a few essentials to get the right results. It must have a note or message in which the latest news can be shared, a discount voucher for services offered on the website, some details about the website and a hyperlink to it, a mention about the blog and a personal message for readers.

  • New discussions can be initiated on tips and a “How to” series can be started. The information contained must be the kind that stays with the reader and is not forgotten. If this is in the blog then the link can be posted on LinkedIn or other groups within LinkedIn which can be joined. Other members of the group must also be acquainted with your business.

  • Members of discussion groups can be invited to the LinkedIn network. They may prove to be potential clients and help to expand the business.

  • Networking events are a great way to begin face to face meetings. This helps people connect a personality with a business and if you conduct yourself like a professional, that image stays in the customers’ mind. New introductions made can be added to the contacts list and this wail even the email marketing network can expand.

Besides networking, meeting people in large numbers helps to expand businesses, and maximixe the benefits from social media. This has shown results for millions of small businesses and it will yield rich results to your business too.

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  1. linkdine profile very useful to all.

    1. yes I agree with Anish Linkedin profiles also are very useful in terms of getting Business opportunities…

  2. Great article, social media is even getting more important now for Google rankings. Google is testing a new thing (you have to be logged in); at the bottom of Google’s first results page also social media from people who you are connected to is displayed as “Results from people in your social circle for … [your query].”

  3. I didn’t know that LinkedIn Profile can drive so much traffic towards a blog

  4. Social Media helps in ranking higher on search engines

  5. Thanks for this post. Yes Social Media will help better business and improves the profile.

  6. Thanks for this post..

  7. No doubt! social media is the best way to get profit from your site, Even i also use same to get traffic.

  8. According to my perception social media plays its part in enhancing business performance but only up to certain extent. If we offer quality then it speaks for itself as Big Brands like Pepsi, Mcdonalds etc never relied on social media for their promotion

  9. Hey Neil i agree on your point that for effectively utilizing the power of social media, yes a business needs to have its profiles on LinkedIn of the key members like Chairman, Operating Manager, Departmental Manager etc so that clients may know about the staff competence.

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