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Google Added SiteLinks For Cyber World

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Today while searching my domain in Google. I noticed Google attached sitelinks for my domain. To confirm, i checked my blog webmaster tool. And i am Happy to announce my blog get 6 sitelink from search giant Google.

According to Google, sitelinks are used to help users navigate your site.  They are basically created automatically from the Google algorithm and provides a shortcut to the information that people search for most often.You can see the sitelinks searching “esoftload” or ‘www.esoftload.info’ in google serach.

As it is a major achievement in my blogging carrier, i decided to share my happiness with you all. I want to thanks all my readers and subscribers for being part of it.

7 thoughts on “Google Added SiteLinks For Cyber World

  1. Congo Isha 🙂

    Keep Going

  2. Congrats Isha its a good achievement.

    1. Thanks friends. hope to achieve more this year. Thanks for your supports.

  3. Congrats, and really quick! How do you get these, or is it just like a lottery ticket 🙂 ?

  4. Isha, Congratulations for the sitelinks!

    All the best for the future.

    1. @all thanks friends. it’s all from your support.

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