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Why do you blog? What is your goal you want to be with your blog? What does success mean to you? A multitude of questions arise automatically when creating a blog, but their answers are not always easy to find.

However, there is a particular issue that I would like to discuss with you in this article. How good reputation can help it make money easily?

Your reputation on your blog has a great importance. It is not only at the profitability of your blog, but also as regards the community formed by your readers. In this article I will mostly try to focus on the relationship between reputation and the monetization of your blog.

First, I want to share with you something I discovered during the last days:

No reputation = No money

You ever wondered why new blogs are not a source of income for their owners? Well it’s very simple, it’s just that they are not yet known, and have no real influence on the other bloggers or readers to be able to make money.

Only from the moment you begin to familiarize yourself with your readers, and do you know a bit everywhere on the site that address the same niche as you, you will be able to monetize your blog. It remains to be seen if you use the right strategies. Seriously, the introduction of advertisements on your blog will not be of great interest even if you have thousands of page views.

Your blog is not automatically profitable

Certainly, you will realize that you’ve already heard about what I’ll tell you now, or even that you learned by yourself: monetize your blog is a difficult thing to achieve. I do not know how many of you have managed to do, but do not you agree with me that if you not being a known blogger, the profitability of your blog will undoubtedly fail?

Personally, I find that blogs may well be excellent sources of income. Your blog will itself where you will build your reputation. Sooner or later, your readers will be grateful for the work you provide on your blog. It is the recognition that you need to earn money easily thereafter.

How can you create a positive reputation in your blog:

And that therefore the question arises: how can you create a positive reputation in your blog? It may seem difficult because of the stiff competition that exists is an around the web.

Based on experience I gained, here are three basic steps for creating a good reputation, I’ll share with you today:

Find what you do best:

Take one of your qualities or skills that you excel best, and that you like. Maybe you’re good at writing analysis or criticism, or maybe that you’re a good designer, or a good developer. Try to use this skill to give more to your blog.You have no jurisdiction? Let me tell you it’s just impossible! Maybe you’re a new blogger, and you do not have much to offer your readers, there is nothing wrong with that. But try to be a little beyond, give a particular interest in things you enjoy doing, and try to classify in the category of your skills, even if these things are fairly simple. Just love what you do and try to convey.

Use and reuse your skills in your blog:

Learn how to properly use your skills you build a good reputation through your blog. Try to give example of what you do to your readers. Even if what you are doing is known by everyone, try to emphasize.If what you do best is not the type to be presentable on your blog, try to write e-books downloaded to your blog (free or paid) to explain to others what you do.

Highlight your skills:

Once you have determined your best skills and you have presented in your blog, I think it’s time to show others how good you are on these points. Make every effort to make known what you’re capable of doing almost everywhere, even if they are mastered by others. Depending on the type of skills, there are different groups of people who would be more or less interested. You can submit them on forums or through social media or even other blog dedicated to people who have the same interests as you.Whatever you do, there will always be people interested in your skills or who wish to speak with you. Do you know up around the blogosphere. Tell as many times as you can.

What do you think? Is it not also possible to make money indirectly through your blog? Ultimately, your reputation will go even further with your blog, and even offer paid content, which will provide a stable source of income to supplement your income.

16 thoughts on “Earn Money By Creating A Reputation

  1. Making money online is easy and anyone can make it that’s why blogs are the best way to make money. Create a blog and get started with writing what you like and write with excellence. Impress the readers and obviously money will automatically flow

  2. Thanks Isha! A great post again! 🙂

  3. your are absoultely right about that
    another way to make a reputation by introuducing your blog with many languahes that help much and you will gain much reputation and much visitors with much money indeed

  4. Nice post.I have been making money for last one year and it is not so difficult.But we should work hard.Hard work always pays good result.

  5. I am still in the time building reputation, we should never stop doing this as the more well known our blog is, the more money we can earn. Maybe you should collect your posts to publish an ebook, it will be very useful.

    1. you are right tuan, we should never stop building reputation. as it help more exposure of our blog to world.

  6. Partially agreed with you Isha, No Reputation = No Money is not correct all time.

  7. Reputation is the key to start earning from blogging. However, one will need time, patience and hard work to acquire it. I have been blogging for a year and up till know I’m still building this important element using my skills–just as you have mentioned.

    Its hard but I know it will pay off. 🙂

  8. Looks pretty, awesome info. thanks for your post

  9. Sometimes no reputation also brings money…the more important factor what i feel is traffic….if you can drive more traffic to your page then money will certainly come easy…:)

    Nice post… 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.. 🙂

  10. Great post. It is extremely important to create a reputation online. You have to build your own personal brand, which will eventually gain you popularity. Showing off your individuality is always key to a Blogger’s success. Nice theme by the way.

  11. Great post.

    You are right. Creating a reputation by maintaining a good blog will automatically create inflow of money/income.

  12. I agree Reputed Blogs earn more then ordinary blogs

  13. Reputation of a Blog brings traffic to a Blog even when a Blogger input low effort

  14. Awesome article Isha.There is no meaning of earning without a reputation.

  15. By only blogging you cannot make good amount money . You will have to make good reputation among the reader and provide any additional services also in which you are perfect as many other blogger are offering like writing artical ,seo ,theme customization

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