The Era of Social Media

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Whatever we do today, it has to be shared in our networks. This is not something which is a compulsion, but this is how our lives have become today.  It’s a trend these days to let people know about what you are doing, where you are hanging out and it holds good the other way round too. This is nothing but the growing impact of social media on people’s personal and professional lives.


The horizons of social media have continuously extended ever since people came to know about their existence. There can be many reasons to use social networking. While some use it to stay in touch with the friends and colleagues, the other people use it as a medium to pass time. There are people who take it as a medium of marketing too. And to be very clear, the marketing thing on social media is what is gaining momentum.

Let’s elaborate on this social media marketing a bit more. Yes folks! Social media is not just a thing to chat or share pictures, but, if seen with a different eye, it can do wonders. This opportunity is being exploited by thousands of brands today. The increasing importance of social sharing and people’s commitment towards social media has increased its credibility and this is why, this platform has now become the medium of marketing and reaching out to people.

What is Social media marketing?

In technical terms, social media marketing means promoting some product or service or any other issue/event  on the social networks like Facebook, twitter, pinterest and many more, basically to reach out to wider audience.  In other words, more traffic to your website via social networking sites.

How is it done?

This is done by sharing content on social websites, basically the message which you want to convey to the people. The content plays an important role in building the image of a brand and therefore it needs to well-structured and influencing. Lame things should not shared publically. One wrong post can destroy the reputation.

Sharing images, videos etc. are also a part of social media marketing. Nowadays, we all witness, a huge number of pages of different products, public figures, events etc. on Facebook (the largest social networking portal) which publish important messages and updates regarding the concern. This actually helps in reaching put a larger audience and increase traffic to your website.

What options are available?

Facebook, twitter, linked in, pinterest, and Google Plus are some of the best social networks present today. One can make use of these and get their product/event promoted. Making pages on facebook, creating events are something very popular these days. Then sharing on Google plus can also increase traffic to your website. Linked in is more of a professional network which can help you find like-minded people.

Why is it useful?

Social media marketing has become very popular these days. It is a trustable source undoubtedly because there is a direct connection between people. Brands get a good fame because whatever is conveyed to public, it is done through the trusted source, a third party, and not the brand itself.

I think social sharing is one of the best sources of marketing today. People devote a certain amount of time on a daily basis on these social channels and hence there is a surety that the message will reach out to people timely and a quick response of individuals can also be checked through the same media.

So, if you are also looking for ways to improve your site traffic, use social media as a weapon. It’s easy and it actually works.

4 thoughts on “The Era of Social Media

  1. Current Generation is Internet generation which brought up with social media, from GOOD MORNING to GOOD NIGHT this travel with them either in their pocket or on their working desk, but somewhere this edition provides a platform of large opportunities in every section, from introducing you business to gate the peak level it can play a role of background hero, but the only need is that the use should be in right direction.

    1. Truly said Jignesh! Social media has actually gained that importance in our day to day lives.

  2. Definitely, social media has played a very important role in any business today. Anything people do today involves social media interaction. Therefore, we have to learn to get along with the trend and use social media platforms as a tool to succeed.

    1. Exactly 🙂 Social channels are helping us to cover that extra mile with an ease !

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