RockMelt, the new browser of Geeks!

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In February 2009 began a project led by the founder of Netscape, Marc Andreessen, with the sole idea of creating an Internet browser with full integration of social networks. If we consider that Andreessen has pioneered Internet browsers with Mosaic in the early 90s, we can expect a huge surprise for her new project: RockMelt

The behavior of Internet users exchange and Marc Andreessen has understood. Facebook and Twitter are now used by millions of Internet users, is somewhat RockMelt renewal web browsers!

All I can say is that RockMelt is based on Chromium, the proposed free web browser which is based on Google Chrome, and is currently in private beta. You’ll need an invitation to try it …

Apart from this, we find the simplicity of Google Chrome with some interesting additions. On the left side of the browser RockMelt, you have your Facebook contacts and on the right side you have your bookmarks. With your Facebook contacts, you can share links, videos, chat with friends and do most things you do with Facebook but without going on the site.

You can update both your Twitter and Facebook accounts, interact on various sites, videos, photos and all the things you find on the Internet.
On the right of the browser, where your Twitter and various other bookmarks are placed RockMelt soon propose other social media like YouTube, Flickr, etc..

Besides being a social tool, its creators announce a speed improvement and research.

Here is the video presentation for you:

What do you think of this RockMeIt?  Had you test it?

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