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Cloud Based Computing Advantages Have Made It Unbeatable

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Online, or cloud based computing, is becoming more and more popular at an increasing rate. The reason for the impressive growth of online computing is the stunning features that create enormous utility at a relatively lower cost.


The organisations that subscribe to the services of an online computing infrastructure experience significant reductions in costs related to IT and IT driven automation.  Besides cost efficiency, there are many more advantages to cloud based computing. Those advantages have made it difficult for traditional computing to gain control of the IT world.

Cloud based computing refers to a particular kind of computing that requires the users to log on to a remote server, which is online, that delivers a wide range of useful services upon payment of a periodical subscription fee. Cloud computing means subscribers have less need to maintain an extensive IT infrastructure. In most cases a single cloud platform serves hundreds or thousands of subscribing parties.

Cloud computing with its stunning features has made it unbeatable. Below we discuss some of the premier benefits of cloud computing.

Environmental benefits: fewer emissions for a greener world

Cloud based computing platforms are generally large in size; thereby economies of scale are enjoyed by the cloud hosting companies. Because of the economies of scale, the cost per subscriber comes down to a much lower level. Cloud platforms are generally run on high class servers of higher power efficiency and because of this on a cloud platform the processing of activities for multiple businesses can be performed using the same amount of power as that needed for the processing of the activities of a single business using traditional offline computing. Due to this energy efficiency, cloud based computing results in noteworthy savings in fuel consumption worldwide. Thus, this next generation computing contributes towards a greener world.

Low infrastructure costs

The subscribers to cloud services need not own their own IT infrastructure. All the critical and processing power intensive computing tasks are done online on the cloud platform. The database and storage facilities are also integrated in most cloud platforms.  Therefore, the subscribers only need to own a desktop or laptop of regular configuration to access the services of cloud computing.

The software that the subscribers to cloud services need is limited to a desktop operating system and internet browsers. With such limited IT infrastructure required, subscription to cloud computing services can mean that a business can achieve further automation of many of its critical processes.

No Maintenance and renewal of software licenses

The maintenance and renewal of software licenses are done by the company that hosts the cloud platform. Subscribers to cloud based services do not have to worry about such things. Moreover, a subscribing business can save a lot in terms of staff if it has traditionally hired a large pool of IT professionals, as this can be reduced to a bare minimum. This can save a lot in terms of employee compensation costs alone.

All of these stunning benefits of cloud computing come with a relatively cheap subscription fee. Thus, this type of online computing has become unbeatable compared to traditional or on-premise computing.

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