Responsive Web Design Trends in 2013: An Overview

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The field of web design is a source of endless features and innovation. As the more and more people are going for wireless technology, the urge for an improved mobile internet is the concern among the webmasters. Considering this variable change, Responsive Website Design is going to be the next big challenge for the website owners.


So if you want to give your website the much-needed boost, you must adapt with the changing trends in the responsive web design. Here I will outline some of the major responsive design trends that are going to occur in the web industry in 2013. Here they are:

Fixed Header Bars

Fixed header bars have been used in the websites for quiet a sometime now. In 2013, this trend seems to have fully arrived. Now it is a constant feature of a website and serves as a support for a website as the visitor navigates through your website. This feature not only gives a pleasing look to your website but also allows the visitors to easily scroll down your website.

Photo Backgrounds

Using large background photos are the thing of 2013. Webmasters are now using large background photos for their websites. This trend is becoming more popular with time for the sole reason that it is attention-grabbing and appealing to the visitors.


CSS3 Media Queries is going to take over the conventional methods of image display in 2013. For responsive websites, users can adjust the transparency of the webpage while staying on the page, increasing the efficiency and productivity of the mobile internet.

Digital QR Codes

The Digital Quick Response Codes is a next-generation technology in web design. They are popular for their use in Smartphone. These codes are integrated the in the website design for quick and faster data processing. QR codes are likely to be the next thing of 2013.

Social Media Badges

For real time information sharing, you can use social media badge (or widgets) in responsive websites. In 2013, you will see this trend emerging across the globe. So the mobile users can now expect a faster and hassle-free social media communication in the years to come.

Infinite Scrolling

This one is the hottest addition in the responsive design trends. Infinite scrolling is a definitely the start of a more improved and enhanced web experience for mobile users. The process involves showing contents without navigating through the different pages in a website.

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