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5 VoIP Benefits to enhance your Business

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VoIP, or we can say Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology for making and receiving calls from different places by using internet. This internet telephony system can be used either on your computer systems/Laptops or on mobile phones. Mobile VoIP facility is the latest advancement in this technology. The quality of this technology has greatly improved over the past decade, especially in the hardware area of VoIP. VoIP has been a buzz-word since the time it was invented. And now the use of VoIP telephony is increasing very rapidly year on year.

Small to medium sized businesses geta lot of benefits by using Business VoIP Service. Let’s see how VoIP provides major benefits to businesses and make profits.

Reduces your Call Costs

The major reason for businesses to switch over to VoIP system is the huge savings on the regular phone bills every month.Using traditional telephones are much more expensive than VoIP telephony. Call rates and regular maintenance of traditional telephones are very expensive. And by using VoIP telephony, one can save 75 – 80% on the regular phone bills. VoIP calls are very cheap because VoIP technology sends voice over the internet in the form of data, so calls bypass the expensive PSTN copper voice telephone exchange, so, much of the termination cost is discarded. VoIP technology is especially useful for long distance and overseas calls.

In businesses, one has to deal with their clients, so we need a clear way of communication. Earlier all this communication was done either by emails or telephones which cost a lot, but as the rise of technology this communication can be possible at low rates – using VoIP service. Through VoIP, you can communicate with your clients,regardless, with the place and how long you talk.


Another great benefit of using VoIP is Portability. As VoIP needs only internet connection for communication, it has not any physical location like traditional telephones. So if you want to move your premises you can take your VoIP numbers anywhere where you are able to access the internet. With old telephone office infrastructure, it was a costly experience to change the location. But with an office VoIP system, you need to simply move the equipments to the desired location, plug in all the equipment and you are ready with your VoIP system.

Moreover, If you have to go to any business trip and you have to be connected with your office and clients, and also want to avoid extra charges then, you just need to take your VoIP number and wireless internet connection and you can use the mobile or laptop to make and receive calls.

Easy Scalability as the business grows

When your business grows, you need to expand the telephone systems to keep the records, and often it is very expensive process. Now, by using VoIP, you can create unlimited phone numbers and extensions within the office, even between the branch offices. It’s very easy and less expensive.

Free Communication between the office branches

If you have to interconnect all your employees as well as the employees of the other branches of your business then VoIP is the best option.  It is very cost effective. The major benefit of using VoIP is that the calls between VoIP numbers are absolutely free of cost. Moreover, it is also beneficial for businesses whose employees work from home.

Many Other Useful VoIP Features

There are many optional features along with VoIP telephony service. Those features will be very useful for your business communications. Some of those features are Caller ID with name, voice mail, fax mail, customize message alerts, auto attendant, call conferencing, call waiting, 411 directory assistance, PC to Phone option, Travel Globally, do not disturb, International Blocking, keep number for Life.

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  1. Hi Roberta,

    Very informative article. VoIP has recently been widely used all over the world. This has been a great tool for many businesses especially for customer service. Other companies should also consider using VoIP now to serve their customers better.

  2. It’s really cost efficient so I think every business unit going to use it in coming days.

  3. Internet usage has increased rapidally all over the world so as internet technology. VOIP is one of such examples and surely every business unit going to use it very soon.

  4. Hi Roberta,

    VOIP is an excellent way and infact the revolution of this century to expand each and every business since VOIP calls are cost effective ways to communicate with anywhere in the globe.

    That’s why the companies Skype, Fring etc. Etc. gets more popularity among users.

    Thanks to the wonderful post

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