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SEO: The End of an Era

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In these days, peoples are saying that it is the ends of the SEO, but one thing which I’m letting you know that SEO is the only process which cannot end.


Just in view of three explanations.

  • 99% of IT industry relies on upon Google.
  • Google never sleeps.
  • Google is the God of the Internet.

It’s all up to you how will you relate these points.

As, many SEO experts say that it is the end of an era for search engine optimization. It is true and I also agree with this. It is correct and I likewise concur with this. What’s more, if won’t upgrade yourself consistent with the Search Algorithm then it will be the End of SEO for you.

Now, the search engines become smarter and sophisticated then prior. In this way,  if you still think that only link building your website can get rank in search engine’s first page then you are wrong. Now, SEO depends on numerous factors like content,  backlinks of the website (from which you want to take back link), URL structure, Internal linking, and much more. These are the small points but if you keep them in your mind then you will never get penalized by Google.

Most of the English queries get affected by Panda and Penguin updates. And they both affect the duplicate content and unnatural linking.

About Content Posting:

After Panda updates it is clear for all that the content should be unique and well-written by a professional. One additional thing which you need to recall that your targeted keywords should not be Money Keywords like Best SEO Services.

Next thing which you need to remember before posting is that the category in which you are going to post your article should be relevant for your niche.

About Link Building:

You will hardly find a single person who says, Ranking still needs more number of backlinks. So, if you want to do white hat SEO then build only quality backlinks for your website.

How will You Check a Site Quality for Backlinks:

Just keep in mind following points before submission. I am taking  ‘example.com’ as an example.

  1. Check the caching date of the home page of the example.com site.
  2. Check the indexed pages of the site on Google like. site:example.com.
  3. Check the backlinks of the site like link:example.com. It should be more then 1 and relevant to category.
  4. It should not have the facility of instant approval of your link.
  5. Obviously you have to check the PR, DA, Alexa etc. of the example.com site.

In this way, if you keep in mind these few things then I ensure you that you will never get penalized by the Google due to content or backlinks.

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