Best Discount Coupon Code Scripts for Websites

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If you’ve been following blogs regularly, lately they have started promoting discount coupon codes a lot. If you’ve been a close follower of tech blogs especially, you will not found at least a single blog not promoting the latest hostgator coupon codes and studiopress discount codes. Almost all the blogs, mostly small promote latest discount coupon codes. Now what does this give them? This helps blogs make money easily. This helps them pocket huge chunks of affiliate income and this is why they promote coupons on their blog.

But, as the time is changing, the older methods to promote coupons just don’t work as good as they worked in the past. And this is why you need to make use of coupon scripts. Here are the best coupons scripts to launch your own coupon code site.


Made and marketed by the PremiumPress team, CouponPress has gained popularity as the best coupon code script for WordPress. I’ve used it on some of my blogs and I think it’s a very good option for those owning a WordPress blog. Upload and activate! This is all you need to do to get your coupon site live and running and yeah also making money!

Coupon Script

Wondering huh? The script’s name is Coupon Script! Funny, but what’s in a name says Shakespeare! 😉 This script is as awesome as it’s name and it’s the second best coupon code script after CouponPress. I’ve made use of this script on one of my coupon sites and I liked it. But, when it was CouponPress vs Coupon Script, I preferred Couponpress from premium press because it was simply easy to use, had more features and was easy to set up and get started! All these scripts can help you start a coupon code site on virtually any niche. For example you can start a coupon site sharing studiopress discount codes.


iCouponScript is another great coupon code script. iCouponScript is a fully functional script to make your own coupon code web site. The best thing about I Coupon Script being that it is available for just $39. This coupon code script is the cheapest coupon code script you could ever find in Google! iCouponScript is definitely a good buy if you are just beginning with a coupon site and you can later move on to a better coupon script like CouponPress.

These are the bet coupon code scripts available in the market now. For those with low budget I recommend I Coupon Script because it’s a cheap solution. For those with a medium budget, you can go with the first one, CouponPress and those who want to stay away with WordPress can go with the second one.

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