5 Things You Hate to Find on Your Site

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Some People having website or blog forgets an important piece of gear: the visitor. The concern with social networks, link building and optimization for Google and search engines is such that the quality of written text is left out. And this do not stop there! Many other things that Webmasters puts to end up leaving you there to angry and wanting to never return.

Well, let’s list five things that users find to hate a site.

Windows style pop-up domination

Many Webmaster boast of having increased its subscribers feed, Or the followers of Twitter using the plugin pop up domination, That is a giant window that makes the screen black and does not allow click anything. Yes, subscribers increase because you shoved down throats. But if it keeps popping up, visitors start getting bored and leave your blog without any desire to return.

Sites that open many pages at a time

It seems fun, but there are still Webmaster who throws many pages in the face of the user, whether they are sites that have paid to appear, or sites “Broders”. While you are there doing this type of invasive advertising, your visitor is probably cursing your site and never come back.

Sites with radio online

It’s not a joke. There are Webmaster who insist entrance songs on the site. Hello, friend webmaster! We’re not 99! Music at the site entrance is the image of amateurism, and irritate the user who may already be listening to music on the PC (besides the loss of time to find out where the button-down that damn music).

>Sites with millions of ads

Ok, if your site depend on the user would have no advertisements. But we know that without them it’s impossible to keep the site up. The problem is that most Webmaster exaggerates, polluting the site with too many advertisements, becoming tiresome reading. Always try to balance and remember: less is sometimes more. Few advertisements can generate more return to a site.

Sites that force us to register to access email

Many sites only allow access to content if you sign up, losing at least 5 minutes. Most users will not return to those sites. So you end up removing the user instead of creating a good foundation.


If you want to keep the user on your site, avoid making such mistakes. After all, is the user who makes a site success and i am sure you do not want your visitors to flee, isn’t it?

11 thoughts on “5 Things You Hate to Find on Your Site

  1. Very true, I too don’t visit such sites. I always treat them as suspicious sites and never visit there again.

    1. well me too.. that what forces me to write this post!!

  2. I have seen many shopping sites which always ask you to subscribe and register first before surfing their sites. This is really frustrating and you usually leave that site and search for any other site.

  3. There are also the blogs on which you need to sign in to post comments, and this is also not very appealing for users.

  4. I hate blogs that advertise too much! They are not going to go so far!

    1. Me too… I guess these blogs want to earn money only and pay less attention to the useability of the blog.

  5. You are absolutely right! All the things you mentioned are very important for page rank or SEO, but not for ordinary visitors! It irritates so much when you visit such sites or blogs. Most of all I don’t like when I need to register to comment something or even just to look at any photo

  6. I have seen many sites like these and are irritating to be visited again.

  7. yes these are the points which webmaster should take care.I also hate visiting those type of site and then eventually close those website. 😛

  8. Very true, I hate popups and cluttered ads. Also, need to make sure the blog posts/articles are properly written and in good grammar too. 🙂

  9. Well said i like a website to be clean whiteboard with the text in bold similar to Digital Statement theme.I personally don’t like popups or flash effects in websites which takes too long to load.

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