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Google Going To Update Page Rank Soon

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Today i got 2 shocking gifts from Google. First Google added SiteLinks For Cyber World and second one was when i opened my blog i show some change is PR in google toolbar. Then to get confirm i checked PageRank Data Centers form SeoCentro, and i found PageRank 1 in some of the data centers for my blog.

It clearly indicates that soon PR update is going to happen for 2011. Still i am not sure what Google is going up to. If google is going to update PR it will be PR update after about 9 month as last PR updated on April 2010.

Hope this news bring a smile on your face. so, don’t get late to check your PR in different Data Centers and update your PR in comments.

9 thoughts on “Google Going To Update Page Rank Soon

  1. This is great news, and i’ve seen pr 2 appear in some of the data centers so i’m hoping that there will be a change 😀

    1. congrats peter.

  2. Me too have noticed update in PR. But it’s fluctuating now…

  3. My site’s just got PR2 also, we got it after nearly 1 year. 😀
    Congrats on your new PR and sitelinks. Btw, why couldn’t I see your sitelinks on Google?

    1. In morning i was able to see the sitelinks but don’t know why it’s not showing now. but it’s showing on webmaster tool. anyways congrats on your PR update.

  4. Yes Isha, Google has updated PR

    1. Yes, they updated. You got a good ranking.

  5. It is a great news!

    Congratulations and hope you get PR update soon again.

  6. Seems like you predicted the PageRank update just before it happened! Nice work and as I said on your other article about your blog’s pagerank, well done 🙂

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