Top Five Golf Games for Android Users

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Playing a game of golf on your smartphone or tablet is certainly not as enjoyable as playing golf in a lush green golf course; still it can be a lot of fun (and a much better pastime than liking and commenting on other people’s snaps at Facebook).


If you are an ardent Golf fan like me, you will certainly enjoy some of these games with all sorts of courses (including some unreal ones), drives, and puts. It will take some time before the Android games market can offer a more realistic experience (something like the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 and the likes) still there’s no dearth of golf games which are simple, yet quite addictive.

Following is a list of Top five Golf-based Android games.

Flick Golf:

As earlier mentioned, most of these Golf based games don’t really provide a realistic experience of golfing. While playing Flick Golf, all you will get is one shot for each hole. The closer you can get to the hole, the better. You need to get certain achievements for unlocking newer courses. The game further sways from the reality by letting you control the ball when it’s in air. But who cares about the realism as long as you’re having fun, and Flick Golf provides a lot of that. The game is not free, and buying this game from Google Play will cost you a couple of dollars.

Let’s Golf 3:

If you are looking to challenge your friends, or even compete with them on the same course online, and have a chatter while doing so, then let’s golf 3 is your best choice. You can create your own avatar, purchase skills like balls with special powers, increased range, while using coins you can win during the game play. The game is free, as long as you are willing to keep your daily limits to 5 holes per day, if you want to go beyond that, you will have to buy energy boosts.

Tiki Golf 3d:

Tiki Golf is a 3d golf game, where you can choose to play in one of the three modes, namely Super Putt Putt mini golf, Pineapple Adventure, and Time Trial. There are two worlds, the lono’s Beach and Kahuna’s Volvano, which is unlock-able. Graphics are quite smooth and you’ll enjoy the exotic courses.

Mini Golf Matchup:

Mini Golf Match up used the pull back game mechanic that makes it a little different than other games in this list. The game comes with more than 70 holes and lots of obstacles including but not limited to octopus, dinosaurs, pyramids, sharks, and sand traps. You can play more than one game at the same time. You can collect gems to boost your score and brag on Facebook straight away, since it is fully integrated with Facebook.

 Super Stickman Golf 1:

Super stickman is one of my personal favorites at Google Play store. For a free game, it is quite extensive, and one of those games, you can spend hours and hours on playing. Super Stickman Golf 2 has more than 180 holes, and a lot of power-ups and achievements to keep you interested. There is a multiplayer option as well.

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