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Money making is a topic that has been frequently brought up in this site, so it’s not at all surprising that “money making goals” is something that is also often obliquely tapped into. When many people set up their blogs these days, they often consider whether or not they plan on using it to earn an income now or sometime in the future.


This is because it not only affects their approach to their blog, but also their blog concept as well. But there are some who still set up their blogging sites with no concrete goals in mind, and they are often the ones who struggle with their blogs later on.

As such, it is extremely important that you figure out what your money making goals for your blog site are before you go ahead and build it. It may be more fun to just start blogging on a lark, but it could be quite troublesome somewhere down the road—when you realize that you COULD be making money off of your blog writing.

But how do you even begin to figure out your blog money making goals before you start a blog? You start by figuring out just how much money you want to make on it.

Not much money

If you want your blog or your writing to simply be a supplementary source of income for you (or if you don’t really want to think of making money with your blog at all), then your money making goal need not be too high. That said, it’s best to have a “soft” profit target that you should try to hit on a monthly or quarterly basis so if, in the future, you NEED to make a little bit more money off of your site you have enough practice earning with it.

With this sort of goal, you can get away with extremely easy money making strategies from your blogging. Such strategies include allowing banner ads on your site as well as being an Amazon affiliate. These are no-fuss, no muss practices that nevertheless provide you the discipline necessary for more hardcore approaches to making money from blogs.

Main source of income

If you’re planning on making your blog your main source of income, then your money making goals need to be much higher—and they need to be better planned. In other words, you need to have extremely solid and concrete profit targets that you must be able to hit on a monthly basis. Clearly, this requires far stricter discipline from you than if you were to use your blog as a peripheral source of income. More often than not, it means that you not only have to work extra hard at making money from blogging; you have to be extremely careful with your investments as well.

With this kind of goal, relying heavily the “quick and easy” strategy of money making never works. You have to find people to PAY you for writing, and this sometimes means that you have to invest in Internet fax (because some clients still use faxing). You may have to invest in copywriting classes to increase your chances of turning a profit and attracting more employers. You may need to invest in speechcraft, in case you become an authority in your niche.

No matter what you think your plans for your blog are, you NEED to have money making goals for it so you can leverage it in the future.

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  1. The best thing to set in money making blog is how much one has to set for earning money. If one sets it initially one can make good strategy for it.

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